Thank You for Giving Me Davidby Linda Edgar


A 24-year old girl loses two babies in 9 months and almost dies from 2 ectopic pregnancies. 3 months later, a woman who has two sons comes to the hospital where Bryan, the author Linda's husband is doing a dental residency and wants to give up her baby.

It is my hope that by some miracle that woman will find this book-know that her son is OK and that she made the right decision. This book is my gift to her and my plea to all women who find themselves pregnant with an unwanted child to consider adoption as one of the greatest gifts you can give a woman who can't have children.

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Dr. Linda Johansen Edgar was a Junior High School Science teacher for 7 years and a High School Chemistry Teacher for 8 years. She went back to the University of Washington Dental School at age 37, She has practiced General Dentistry with her husband for almost 30 years Linda was elected the President of the Academy of General Dentistry in 2013 and was elected an ADA Trustee for 4 years in 2018. She wishes to share the story of the adoption of their son.


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