June 15

It Takes a Village to Market a Book

Unfortunately, it’s not the quality of your book that drives your success: it’s the marketing. You could have written the best book ever but you won’t have significant sales numbers unless you have a bulletproof marketing plan. Even then it’s never for sure. Book promotion is a tricky business.

But you know what can definitely help? Networking! Connecting with people who have followings to who they can help promote your book to! Even if you are a master of social connections yourself, aligning yourself with others can open a whole new world for your book as it can be exposed to new people.

The trick now is just networking with the right people. But how can you get started?

The first thing you should do is analyze all of your relationships with your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, your postman, the barista you see every day, that one person who favorites all of your tweets—everybody. You’ll need to estimate how much of a reach each person can give you. Don’t count anyone out if they don’t have a big of a reach or influence as you’d like, they can still help you massively at the very least by simply writing you a review on Amazon—which are a valuable promotional tool themselves.

However, what you want to do by studying all your connections is to identity who the centers of influence you know are. They are usually the people who others think of first to go to for advice, experts, or perhaps that one person you know who inexplicably happens to be a social media mogul. If they are willing to help you promote your book, your reach will definitely multiply exponentially.

Read more how to get these centers of influence to help you promote your book and how networking can help your book’s success at The Book Designer.


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