Surrender by Lou Alpert


"It was new for CNN and their audiences, another sad story about the opioid crisis in America and a good-hearted policeman, but it was a five-year reality for me and mine." On December 1st, 2017, Lou Alpert woke to a CNN story featuring images of her daughter Crystal shooting up heroin in an alley, visibly pregnant, and being confronted by an Albuquerque policeman. Within twenty-four hours, the story had gone viral, picked up by media outlets worldwide. Subsequent coverage followed: television interviews, news articles, and an appearance at Trump's State of the Union address by the policeman, his wife, and Crystal's adopted daughter. Surrender: A Love Letter to My Daughter gives voice to the truth of one mother's journey through her child's heroin addiction. Delivered with honesty and insight, Lou shares her lived wisdom with a rare mixture of candor, humor, compassion, and love. This book is for anyone who has found themselves swept up in the opioid crisis, hiding in the shadows, and trying to cope with the chaos of loving an addict.

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Lou Alpert is a native Texan and mother of eight children. Over the last forty-five years she has worked with a co-operative women's art gallery, owned a children’s book publishing house, founded The Lakewood Service League and worked as a residential realtor. But first and foremost, she is a mom and advocate of children.

Over the last five years, Lou has walked the path of so many other parents as her daughter, Crystal, succumbed to heroin, homelessness and the of myriad of complications that go along with addiction.


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Publication date: April 18, 2019
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My hope is that if you are reading this book, you will gain an insight into what addiction can do to a family. . . . My hope is that the stigma changes and this ‘taboo’ subject is brought out into the open and we all find the ways to heal—together.

Scottie Collins

CEO Savant Healthcare Systems

As more and more families are dealing with drug addiction as the opioid epidemic takes over the country, this book comes at just the right time. In a heartbreaking and realistic memoir, Lou Alpert tells the story of her daughter, Crystal’s, five-year journey with heroin addiction.

This book is especially for any family with someone facing the problem of addiction, but the heartfelt story can be read by anyone who wants to dispel the taboo associated with addiction.

For those of us who have luckily stayed away from the world of drugs, the crisis of options and the struggles of fighting a drug addiction are hard to comprehend. This book feels more genuine and open-hearted than anything I have read in a long time.

The topic of addiction is always a hard one to talk about, especially if you are connected to it through a loved one in your life. This is a heartfelt story written by a mom who has been through it all, watching her daughter stumble down the path of heroin addiction.

This story was painful, but so beautifully written. I can’t imagine the struggle the writer had to go through with her daughter and yet she was able to write about it. I can’t relate to the addiction and have never seen someone struggle from addiction, but this really was a tear jerker.

I’ve read Crack, Glass, Go Ask Alice and more tales that chronicle dependency. This story is different in all the best ways. If you’re looking for something entertaining, tear-jerking, and full of questionable morals from the best point of view, this is the book for you.

Surrender: A Love Letter to my Daughter is a rollercoaster ride of emotions that will certainly cause an impact on the reader.

I have had a couple family members struggle with addiction, so this story really hit home with me. You can tell the emotion in the author’s writing as she talks about the life she has had to lead due to the addiction of a loved one. Her writing is well thought out, so the story flows beautifully without ever going off on a tangent like some emotional stories do.

This book by Lou Alpert is a unique story that tells the true tale of how Alpert watched her daughter Crystal struggle through a five-year addiction to heroin.

The book is an emotional journey of mother and daughter, wherein a mother is writing from her viewpoint a five-year challenging drugs addition struggle of her daughter Crystal.

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