Spirits Speak

by Barry Strohm


Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago and in only 3 years of ministries, spoke words that have endured and changed the world. There were no contemporary written documentation of his words and no absolute proof of his teachings, only the words selected by Roman emperors and church leaders, which have been altered throughout time. In this book, the actual words of the most influential Christian leaders are channeled and recorded to bring the reader the actual messages and teachings spoken by Jesus to his followers and disciples. We begin with Moses as he tells the true story of leading the Israelites to the promised land. John the Baptist speaks of his prior life as Elijah and his role in the beginning of the Ministries of Jesus. Saint Andrew, Mary Magdalene, Saint Peter, Matthew, Timothy, and Thomas tell what it was like to walk beside him, hear his words, and share in the grief of the crucifixion and the joy of his resurrection. Jesus's mother Mary tells of her son's birth, life, and death. In these chapters, the contemporary words of Jesus come through. Within these pages, you'll discover the truth of his teachings, life and messages of faith and hope for all. If you ever wondered "what would Jesus say or do?" this book will answer your question.

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Barry Strohm was born near Hershey, Pennsylvania. He attended Lehigh University, received a Business Management Degree and later became a Registered Civil Engineer. After a career in Construction and Stone Quarry management he realized he had the ability to channel spirits on the other side of the life veil. Having channeled the holiest of spirits, aliens, and archangels, this is his seventh book based on the gift of spirit communication.


ISBN: 978-1951943318
Publication date: November 18, 2020
Page count: 274
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I’ve always wondered about the missing years of Jesus life. What was he like, what did he do . It’s all been a mystery until now . I’m encouraging anyone with a love for Jesus to please read this book and all of Barry Strohms books . This has been a miracle in my life and has helped me to get through this past year . Jesus loves us so much ! Please do read the first book in the series as well. This is the second book in the series and will
be another one to come and I can’t wait for its arrival .

Very soul opening and eye opening. Information and questions I’ve pondered for decades was confirmed. If you read with an open mind and heart perhaps this book will start your journey to something miraculous!

Whether you believe the authenticity of this information is secondary: the information contained is extremely helpful.

I found this book to be most interesting, and struck me with the "truths" I have been seeking!
If you follow the author on his YouTube channel, you will see he started out with a ouigi type board, designed by spirits in his haunted home, and developed into an ability to not only hear, speak and visualize spirits, Angels, Saints, and even the Lord Jesus, but allow them to speak clearly through him.

This book seems to be mixture of multiple religions to justify the author truth.

I like the fact that Jesus walked the earth in his days as a human person with wife and children. Knowing that he did this means that he had some of the issues that we do in life. This book is very simple and easy to understand because it is about Jesus answering question and giving Live information about his life.

I found this book to be very enlightening and interesting. I believe every word of it and hope people understand how important this book is. It is meant to educate the masses about our true reality. It is a must read.

*spoiler alerts* (although you can find everything in this book for FREE on his YouTube channel or website.) I regret this purchase. Granted, I bought this book knowing nothing about the author or previous works, but it was in my recommendations, sounded interesting, and the reviews are great, described as very much spiritual and “enlightening”.

I always like be Barry’s books. The new one answers so many questions and is very well written

I learned and listened about "Barry Strohm" on "Coast to Coast" radio show as a member. It was an amazing interview, which led me to Barry's website and his book "Spirits Speak: Channeling Jesus and the Holy Spirits". I truly enjoyed Barry's amazing gift of channeling and stories of Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint's and many more holy Spirits. Barry's book gives answers to hidden truths and messages directly from Jesus and his simple words of love to live by with clarity.

Barry Strohm has written another amazing book. Barry has channeled Jesus and the holy spirits to bring all these messages of Love that Jesus spoke while on this earth. Love of Jesus and Love for one another is the main theme. It is well written, enlightening and uplifting. It is a must read for those who love Jesus and believe that His love cannot and will not be contained in one book written long ago and modified many times to control the church. This is a truth seeker jewel

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