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The people you are here to serve are Heroes. Their experience with you is much like The Hero's Journey. The Hero is called and ventures out into the unknown on a quest. There he/she discovers unimaginable challenges and obstacles. He/She also meets a guide with a map and special powers to support the Hero in overcoming their challenges and obstacles. We are the Guides. We hold the maps and the tools needed by the Hero's we each serve. Your "Customer Journey" is a powerful tool for your clients. It is also very helpful in providing clarity for your Dream Team AND in attracting your PERFECT affiliate ambassadors. This book is designed to guide readers through the Evolutionary Path of the Soul-Connected Entrepreneur and serves as an example of how to develop Soul Affiliate Alliances and what they can look like in the New Paradigm of Business and Life.

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Known as The Soul Connector, Mark Porteous is a Father of ten year old twins and a husband of eighteen years. He's a Joint Venture Strategist, Affiliate Concierge and co-founder of the Soul Affiliate Alliance. Transformational Leaders and Inspired Influencers hire Mark Porteous to reach more people with their message and mission by developing soulful collaborations and alliances, so they can leverage their expertise to make a greater impact in the world while enjoying more freedom and ease in their own lives.


ISBN: 978-1937055035
Publication date: January 7, 2021
Page count: 224
List price: $ 16.99
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This is one of those books that you keep on your nightstand and read frequently to remind yourself of all the ways you can improve, be present, and find more joy in everyday living.

This an inspiring book by Mark Porteous and co-authored by many other authors. It is divided into 3 parts: part one, connecting to who you really are; part two, connecting to your soul offer; part three, connecting to your soul tribe.

This book could not have come out at a more perfect time as recent events are rocking our society with so much negativity, greed, and corruption. It is refreshing and uplifting to read the individual stories of personal and professional triumph.

The world needs more soulful leaders and about three million more Mark Porteous’. Mark’s vision and relentless service to soulful leadership culminates in this powerful resource for leaders, entrepreneurs, and conscious change-agents for business, everywhere. The book gathers an A Team of contributors who, are not only inspiring storytellers, but offer a plethora of practical tips, tools and suggestions from their professional expertise and experience.

I loved reading about these Soulful Leaders! I appreciated their vulnerability, resilience, and courage in their stories.

Tara Tse

Hope, Inspiration, and Resilience

Having experienced Jana Danielson’s style of Pilates and its impact to change my body’s ability to move l loved reading how she came into her passion and purpose.

Leonie F. Murray

Jana is an inspiration

If you will allow me to make an assumption about you, personal growth, personal transformation, a desire to fulfill your life's purpose and become a change agent, are the likely reasons for your consideration of this book.

There are two appealing aspects to this book. First, it offers hope to those who are looking for a more fulfilling life and addresses various ways to achieve this goal. And second, it offers a menu of options for the reader to choose from. The book is smartly divided into three parts: Connecting to Who You Really Are, Connecting to Your Soul Offer, and Connecting to Your Soul Tribe.

Soulful Leadership gives ideas from many sources to help us find clarity of purpose in our lives and to live the fullest life we were meant to live. In her chapter, Choosing the Beneficial, Monique Toh guides us to find and choose what is beneficial in our lives.

It was this book’s title that initially caught my attention because I have been working with people in leadership positions for several decades. The premise that we are living in unprecedented times is an understatement.

The cover of the book called my attention at first sight. I think this read is very interesting; it taught and guided me in the journey of how to develop soul affiliate alliances and how they are in the business world.

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