Soul Excavation: An Exploration and Discovery of Self Through Fear, Failure, and Quantum Physics by Lesia Kohut


Soul Excavation: An Exploration and Discovery of Self Through Fear, Failure, and Quantum Physics is about one woman's transformational journey of living from fear, anger, and pain to discovering and choosing to live as the Infinite Power, Creativity, and Love she is at her core.

Bravely, candidly, and vulnerably, Lesia Kohut shares three personal stories and accompanying vignettes to illustrate her transformation from fear and failure to infinite possibilities, showing us that just because life has been a certain way up until now, doesn't mean it has to be that way going forward.

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Lesia Kohut is a speaker, podcaster, activist, and coach. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Advanced Consciousness Studies, and is a Religious Science Practitioner and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.Lesia's ongoing journey of spiritual exploration, personal growth, and expansion of consciousness is the foundation for this book. Through Soul Excavation, Lesia has helped hundreds to let go of the limiting thoughts, stories, and beliefs that have kept them feeling stuck, freeing them to live the life they want and are meant to live.Her podcast, "Who do you Think you are?" is available on YouTube and major podcast platforms.Soul Excavation is her first book.


ISBN: 9781957013251
Publication date: November 8, 2022
Page count: 244
List price: $16.99
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lesia has beautifully shared an engaging, compelling and honest personal story of her journey of realization, her own soul excavation. She clearly expresses her sensitive and insightful mind and dogged commitment to see beyond the relative veil, to discover the transcendent Spiritual Truth within us all. I encourage everyone who is on their own spiritual journey to read this book, it will shine a light on your path.

Lesia has a true gift of creatively writing and inviting the reader to take a heartfelt and transformational journey with her. This book is a great read for all, especially those who are committed to living life full out. Lesia inspires us with her personal story and "gems" of wisdom.

Lesia weaves with raw vulnerability the talent, fear and bravery of her personal hero's journey into a tapestry through which wisdom and true self begin to emerge a bit at the time, like a golden thread of light. For those traveling their own spiritual journey of growth amidst inner and outer obstacles, this is a wonderful read - endearing and inspiring.

I love how the beginning of Lesia's story gets you deep into understanding the hows and why of where she is now, and it creates a canvas of knowing she has been through the journey and can hold a steady strong place of understanding at this point. I always find value in knowing the relatability of the person who is at a point of guiding and teaching.
I love her words, they weave like magic through my mind, I'm always in a higher happier head space after reading and listening to Lesia!

Matthew staffanson

Real, Authentic, Emotional and Relatable, love the powerful message and magical words

This book is such a compelling read that I finished it in a few days, something that I have rarely done. Lesia is so honest when she writes about past life and struggles and how they affected her latter life. She is inspiring when she relates her spiritual journey which transformed her into the positive and vibrant woman that she is now.


Inspiring read

SOUL EXCAVATION by Lesia Kohut is a true gift for anyone desiring to move beyond the conditional confines of daily life and embrace a new way of being. It skillfully provides a pathway out of our shadow self and guides us into understanding how we create our own reality and through this awareness we discover our true nature, that we are the Divine Energetic Pulse of the Universe. SherlaRae..

I know there are a whole lot of informative books out there, but THIS book is incredible and hard to put down!!
Lesia writes with great intelligence, education and experience..mixes it with a very relatable humble honesty, then rolls it all up with a contagious passion for life, love and connection.

Lesia has a complete knack for expressing emotions through her words on paper. This book is a perfect balance of reflection and introspection. Taking us on a journey of her very personal yet relevant life struggles, and then guiding us on our own journey of healing those struggles and traumas through spiritual mindfulness and learned practices. As in depth as some of the content of this book is, it is an 'easy' read for all levels. Soul Excavation is a pure look at what was, what is, and what can be, through the power of ourselves. If you haven't experienced your own 'intertwinglement' yet, you are about to with this book <3

Emily harper

Joyful, insightful and retrospective!

I couldn't put this book down. Lesia's writing style is conversational and easy to read and her story is very compelling. Even the quantum physics bits are easy to understand. Her hero's journey is relatable, and the path she's forged reveal insights and wisdom available to us all. A book to read again and maybe again, a reminder of what's real and possible as we each follow our own healing journey.

Linda Baker

Compelling, inspiring, and accessible

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