SOAR Into Joy

by Loree Draude


In Soar Into Joy, Loree “Rowdy” Draude offers an introspective look into her life, highlighting both her triumphs and setbacks as a Silicon Valley executive, a startup founder, a parent and as one of the first women to fly combat jets in the U.S. Navy.

Loree writes about contending with society's entrenched fears. She emphasizes the interconnectedness of society and how we all depend on one another. Despite her daunting achievements, like landing jets on moving aircraft carriers, her most significant fears stemmed from feelings of inadequacy.

Soar Into Joy originates from a letter Loree penned to her child during a particularly trying time, detailing her many failures, ranging from minor embarrassments like failing in school sports to more significant setbacks in her career and personal life. These challenges are used as a framework to discuss resilience and overcoming adversity.

The Author:

Loree Draude is a seasoned leader and entrepreneur who advises and coaches executives and founders on how to improve their leadership. She is a sought-after speaker for her entertaining and inspirational talks about how to soar professionally and personally. Loree draws on her years of experience in the tech industry and the U.S. Navy, where she was one of the first women to fly combat jets. She deployed twice to the Persian Gulf, accumulating over 300 carrier landings and 1600 flight hours. After completing her naval service, Loree led product, marketing and operations teams at startups and tech companies, including Google and Meta. Loree holds an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, with a major in Entrepreneurial Management, and a BA in Mathematics from the University of San Diego. --This text refers to the paperback edition.


ISBN: 978-1-957013-95-4
Publication date: September 14th, 2023
Page count: 125
List price: $15.95
Formats available: paperback and eBook

SOAR into Joy: A Combat Pilot’s Wisdom for Falling in Love with Your Life by Loree Draude is a remarkable and inspiring journey through the lens of a combat pilot, unveiling invaluable life lessons that transcend the confines of the cockpit.

This book beautifully weaves together the adrenaline-fueled world of combat aviation with profound insights into finding joy and purpose in everyday life. Loree Draude masterfully uses her experiences in the sky to draw parallels with the challenges and triumphs we all encounter in our own lives. Her writing style is engaging, honest, and peppered with a sense of humor that keeps you turning the pages.

One of the standout features of this book is the author's ability to distill complex concepts into easily understandable nuggets of wisdom. Whether discussing fear, resilience, or the importance of embracing change, Draude breaks down these topics into actionable advice that anyone can apply to enrich their own life's journey.

What truly sets SOAR into Joy apart is the seamless blend of adventure and introspection. As Draude shares her exhilarating experiences as a pilot, she seamlessly transitions into profound reflections that resonate deeply with readers. It's a rare combination that keeps you on the edge of your seat while nourishing your soul.

The book's message encourages readers to embrace life's challenges with courage and optimism, reminding us that we have the power to rise above any turbulence we may face. Whether you're an aviation enthusiast or simply seeking guidance on how to find joy in the ordinary, SOAR into Joy is a captivating read that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

Loree Draude has crafted a masterpiece that transcends genres, leaving readers with a renewed sense of purpose and a newfound zest for life. I wholeheartedly recommend SOAR into Joy to anyone seeking to soar to new heights in both their personal and professional endeavors.
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Sam Hirschman

I was genuinely moved by "SOAR into Joy: A Combat Pilot’s Wisdom for Falling in Love with Your Life" by Loree Draude. As a photographer, I've always been captivated by stories that inspire and provide profound insights into human experiences, and Draude's narrative certainly delivers on both fronts.

The book provides a gripping recount of Draude's journey as a combat pilot, but what truly resonated with me was the universal wisdom and life lessons that she shares. The challenges, triumphs, and self-reflections that Draude experienced in her unique career path are relatable to anyone striving for greatness in their respective fields.

For anyone seeking motivation, guidance, or just a riveting tale of personal growth and adventure, "SOAR into Joy" is a must-read. Loree Draude has provided a beacon of light for all of us to find joy and purpose in our lives. Highly recommended!

C.P. Michel

A Hero's Journey

So happy as a grateful civilian I bought this life coaching book by a retired US Naval Aviator who flew the S-3 Viking and F/A-18 Hornet. Come for the very good sea stories within, and stay for the life lessons like gratitude, planning and taking self-control of life. There are also recommended to help develop life skills at the end of each chapter.

You will also read how "Rowdy" took her military experiences to soar time & again in business so if you wonder why hire a veteran and what a veteran can bring to the business world, read this book! Or if you just want a good business story or two coupled to sea stories.

Finally, I wish I could send this book to me in my early twenties. Would have given me some raw courage and help me address my PTSD better.

J.A. Kunzler

Sage advice about living life and thriving

What a great 4-pack of categories to live life by. Not only does Loree bring forward her Naval Aviator challenges, but also more personal family experiences which readers can easily relate to. Loree’s in-depth definitions of the acronym accomplish better ways to enjoy your life, but also gain admiration & respect from others around you. A pretty quick read from which readers can come away feeling very motivated to try '"SOAR"ing for themselves.

John Allen

The "Fab Four" of living.

Author Loree Draude is such an inspiration. Combining entertaining and gripping tales from her time as a navy pilot, her experiences in Silicon Valley, her highs and lows as a partner and parent, and witty aviation analogies for life writ large, Loree weaves together a masterful leadership guide for anyone who is seeking more joy, fulfillment, and purpose in life. This book will definitely encourage you to be fearless and take flight! What a fun ride this was.

Sarah Kenny

Gripping, Entertaining, and Inspiring

The writer exhibits remarkable candor which reinforces the authenticity of her message: We all fail; How can that benefit us? She pulls no punches in revealing her failures and what they taught her. But it's also a book about happiness, "SOARing into Joy!"
Learning from it does not require a military background. Her experiences and examples are all relatable and relevant.
If you are ready to SOAR, this is your guidebook!

Thomas V. Draude

Benefits of Failure!

Loree is an amazing author - she gives us straightforward advice in a simple, easy to digest format. I can't recommend this book strongly enough!

brendan aronson

Exceptional and quick read to change your life

A pleasure to read and gain insights from the author’s life path while also being exposed to the world and experiences of a combat pilot.

Raphael J.

An insightful and fun read

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