The Seven Levels of Truth: The Answer to Life’s Biggest Question

by Bill Heinrich


This book is for anyone seeking answers, solutions and success in life. Our birthright is abundance, love, peace and joy. The Seven Levels of Truth will lead you to your life purpose and allow you to apply these resources to your own life.

Throughout life, we have received guidance on how to live and much of that information no longer serves us today. Often times we are making decisions about life, based on information that is in direct resistance to who we are, which can only create stress, challenge and frustration. After reading The Seven Levels of Truth, you will ultimately be led closer to understanding the true nature of your life purpose as well as yourself.

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Bill Heinrich has spent over twenty five years researching personal transformation and human potential. A "High Level" business coach with over 45 years business experience, Bill has been teaching business owners, CEO's and author-speakers how to activate their authentic self expression. The moment you start using the resources the universe has to offer, your life immediately changes for the better.

Bill is available for speaking engagements and he uses all of these resources as an Executive Training Director for "the Speakers Pathway Coalition. Bill is also the creator of the "Coaching for Divine Purpose", coaching certification program with coaches certified around the world.


ISBN: 978-1-951943-87-5
Publication date: November 18, 2021
Page count: 208
List price: $17.95
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Life purpose is a big topic on my mind lately so this book came into my life at the perfect time. The ideas around life lessons and divine gifts are completely new to me, and it's really expanding my thinking...including what's possible.

This book was written from, and speaks to, the Heart and Soul. Truth be told it was the cover that caught my attention. As an artist I’m drawn to color coding. Reading this book was like having one of those conversations you don’t want to end; and really it doesn’t. I was propelled forward with curiosity, clarity, and joy for ‘what’s next” in life!

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