Sell More Books with YouTube

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March 6, 2018
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March 25, 2018

Video marketing is an often overlooked way for promotion, especially for indie authors. While mainstays such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the social media networks where authors mainly spend their time in promoting themselves, indie authors tend to unintentionally ignore making YouTube part of their marketing strategy. But the benefits using YouTube to market your book can greatly outweigh whatever misconceptions or insecurities you may have about being on video.

Because  frankly, there just is no ad like a video ad. You can blog, tweet, post pictures, but at the end of the day, a well made video will always grab more attention and can have more of a significant impact than a simple image or blog post.

One of the biggest benefits of YouTube is that it’s a very share-friendly platform. Upload one video and you get asked if you’d like to share your video on other websites, including on other social media platforms, making it easy for you to use your videos to beef up your presence and maintain your branding. YouTube’s videos are come embeddable, meaning they could easily be posted on other websites with a click of a button, making it easy for you to share, share, share.

Another overlooked benefit of YouTube is the encouragement of engagement. Everyone has the ability to comment on videos and you should definitely use that to your advantage to forge a connection with your targeted audience by building a conversation. Many people on YouTube have creative ways of encouraging feedback, look at some of their techniques and see which works best for you!

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