Self Help/Personal Development

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The One Minute Coach: Change Your Life

Masha Malka


Lou Alpert

7 Shrinks: 60 Years in an Undiagnosed Altered State

Carol Prisant

Life Gets in the Way

Sally Kalksma

Hear Your Heart Whisper from the Stillness

Nancy Smyth

Thank You for Giving Me David

Linda Edgar

Soulful Leadership: A Spiritual Path to Health, Wealth and Love

Mark Porteous

Feel Better in Five Minutes: An Empowering Guide to Gain Control Over Your Emotions

Amanda Hainline

The Kurds: My Friends in the North

John Cookson

Peter Margetts with John Cookson

Integrative Intelligence®: Expanding Whole Person Potential

Laurel Elders

The Seven Levels of Truth: The Answer to Life’s Biggest Question

Bill Heinrich

Nightmare Success: Loyalty, Betrayal, Life Behind Bars, Adapting, and Finally Breaking Free: A Memoir

Brent Cassity

Start Chasing Nothing: A Guide to Lasting Happiness and Inner Peace

Elaine Chung

Embrace Your Power: A Sistah to Sistah Conversation

Renee White aka “Dr. Nay”

May All Beings Be Fed: Playing With Consciousness

Dana Humphrey

No Proper Grief

Jakob Franzen

Gymless Fitness: Keep fit, at home, in just 15 minutes a day!

Dr. Shree

Sistah Girl: Step into Your Greatness

Dr. Nay

Climb Every Mountain: Dr. Linda’s Leadership Lessons

Linda Edgar

Is He Mr. Right…or Mr. Right Now?: Consciously Create Your Love Story

Heather Leah