See Saw: Finding Balance Through Life’s Ups and Downs: A Memoir by Patricia Solaimanian


See Saw is a story from the heart, written to encourage and help those who may be living with a loved one with Bipolar disorder. Its readers have an immersive front row seat through the journey, sharing in one family's fight for balance as they come to understand Bipolar with the struggles and heartaches, the wins, challenges, changes and setbacks.

See Saw emphasizes the importance of the support of family and friend's during such difficult times. Acceptance, understanding, and gratitude are key to living a joyful, balanced life with those who struggle with Bipolar. There is hope and understanding as you realize you are never alone on this journey.

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Patricia Solaimanian was born and raised in Jackson Heights, NY and currently lives near her daughters in Forest Hills, NY. She received her MA in Applied Linguistics from Queens College, and is currently a retired elementary school teacher. When not spending time with family and friends, you can most often find Patricia walking with her beloved dog, Mimi. See Saw is her debut book.


ISBN: 978-1957013060
Publication date: April 19, 2022
Page count: 402
List price: $16.99
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I have an incredibly short attention span. Reading has never been my thing- it takes me an immense amount of focus to get through even 20 pages. HOWEVER, I read the entire book of nearly 400 pages in less than 24 hours. It was captivating..

I recently took a break from the types of books I usually read about tech, science, business, and history, to try something completely different. My neighbor, Patty Solaimanian, had graciously gifted me a copy of a book she had recently written entitled "See Saw". I had no idea what to expect and tried to approach it with an open mind. Notwithstanding that I know the author (and her wonderful dog, Mimi, who is part of the story), I was pleasantly surprised by it in ways that I could not have anticipated..

This is a highly readable, personal account of a love story that is marred by the diseases of alcoholism and Bipolar Disorder. The author describes the exciting early days of new love that progresses through the stages of marriage, establishing a home and raising two daughters, while coping with the turbulence of a slowly emerging disease. As in many cases, her successful, loving husband begins to self-medicate with alcohol in a misdirected attempt to stabilize his mood only to contribute to the chaos. Nevertheless, the author demonstrates the power of love and commitment as she navigates through these challenges with perseverance, grace and strength toward a positive outcome for all involved.

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