Summary: It’s the end of an era.

I have produced high-energy, content-rich RockStar Marketing BootCamps for the past twelve years. At my first BootCamp I was blessed to have approximately 250 people in the audience. Over the years it continued to grow, and at my April 2019 event, we had more than 700 attendees. But my last RockStar Marketing BootCamp will take place in October 2019. And everyone is asking why.

Because . . .I am a marketing coach, and I have more than 200 people in my very popular Rock- Star Marketing MasterMind, where I help entrepreneurs grow their business and help them with their marketing. Yet pretty much every time I’m on a coaching call, people ask my advice on how to manage their time, how to find their passion, how to get unstuck, how to stay motivated and inspired—and very little about marketing. So it made me think.

If people aren’t passionate about what they’re doing, and they aren’t motivated to succeed, I can teach them all the marketing “secrets” in the world, and they still won’t be successful. And that is why, in 2020 I will be introducing my new event, called Rock Your Life Celebration Weekend, where I’ll share tools and funny and inspiring stories on how to find the balance between work and play. And help people truly enjoy their lives. And we will continue to create RockStars!

This book marks both the end of an era, and an introduction to my new brand. I hope and pray that this book, and the 100 inspirational stories by 100 amazing people, helps you on your path to begin to Rock Your Life.

ISBN: 978-1948181679

Publication date: October 3, 2019

Page count: 248

List price: $19.95

Formats available: hardcover and e-book

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