Revenge of Alpha Centauri: A Fixed Star Mystery

by L.N. Gruer


Turning 50 is bad enough without Mercury Retrograde. Nothing is working out as planned. Viviana, a struggling addict and former stripper finds out she’s been dumped by her boyfriend once again… this time humiliating her on Facebook! Her jealous Scorpio nature takes over and there’s hell to pay.

Viv’s fragile sobriety is in jeopardy. Trying to keep her head above water, figuratively and literally will take a miracle. Thank goodness for psychic gifts and the Astrology of the Fixed Stars!
Entangled by hidden elements, Viviana must use all her powers to rectify mistakes, stay alive and choose between two men, both of whom she shouldn’t trust.

The mystery continues in The Curse of Beta Pegasi.

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The Author:

Born and raised in the former Soviet Union, L.N. Gruer is a media personality, internationally recognized Medical Vedic Astrologer and a Naturopathic wellness expert. A prize-winning poet, historian, and a Pro-Am ballroom dancer, she holds a Master's degree from UCLA, along with a PhD in Holistic Nutrition. The Blue Tatar, her debut historical novel, was an Amazon bestseller. Revenge of Alpha Centauri is the first installment of a new cozy paranormal mystery series. When not at her desk, she can be found at her piano, gardening, or playing baseball with her two grandchildren. Dr. Gruer lives with her husband and adorable Maltese, Pasha, in California and Granbury, Texas.


ISBN: 978-1-951943-91-2
Publication date: January 6, 2022
Page count: 302
List price: $19.95
Formats available: paperback and eBook

Revenge of Alpha Centauri may feel a little odd to the reader at first, but I encourage you to keep reading! For non-astrology believers, it may seem bizarre that a murder mystery is incorporating astrology into the story, but it is integral to understand the main character's personality and what drives her.

Viv is a recovering addict with a severe case of ADHD and a mess of a life. Viv's constant internal monologue can be frustrating at times. Her multiple trains of thought occurring at once, difficulty staying focused on tasks and conversations made me feel anxious and confused. L.N. Gruer was genius in writing from the internal voice of Viv - giving the reader direct insight into her muddled mind and context for some of her crazy interactions with the other characters in the book.

When Viv finally taps into her psychic gifts and listens to the astrology you can feel the character really come into focus. The last half of the book was very exciting and difficult to put down. I can't wait for the sequel!

L. Carraway

ABC - Astrology, Bad-Ass Women and the Cartel!

I love mystery novels and when I saw this one has something to do with astrology I couldn't resist myself and purchased it.
I really liked the characters and their relationship mixed with uncertainty and distrust. I think the author did a very good job developing them and their backgrounds. The story in itself is very good and the way it is narrated captured my attention. It was difficult to put it down. Although it is a middle length novel I read it in more than two sittings.
I would recommend reading it to those who are into mystery and interested in astrology.

Mia C.

A good novel

I went from loving Viviana to hating her. To cheering her on and then cringing at her stupidity! But one thing is for sure, she is a mess that I wanted to see win!! Can’t wait to see how she grows!!!


Viviana is like watching a train wreck that manages to stay on the tracks!

Viviana is that rare creature – a believable heroine who is fifty years old. In fact, as she puts it on the first day of the book, “I woke up 49, and went to bed 50.” Vivi has had a tough life. Rebellious as a teen, her first husband abuses her, setting a pattern of disastrous relationships and a lifestyle that bid fair to kill her before she reached age 30, let alone age 50 years. She is close friends with two older ladies (in every sense of the word – ladies) who are shaping this season of her life. Vivi is learning Astrology from one of them, and social graces (or not) from the other. Her fiftieth birthday is a tough one; she is dumped by her somewhat younger boyfriend the day before, and Vivi is having a hard time coming to terms with this event. Little does she know that this is just the beginning of an adventure that will keep you turning pages, and also leave you wondering just what happened here toward the end. There are explanations…and not explanations, leaving it with a reasonable ending, but set up for a sequel.


Over 50, and still got It

Revenge of Alpha Centauri: A Fixed Star Mystery by LN Gruer is a rapid-fire mystery filled with crazy characters, most notably, Viviana the lead. A former stripper and recovering addict, she grapples with turning fifty while commiserating with her much older friends, Katherine and Sandi. Much of the focus here is on astrology, Wicca, crystals, and the like, and if you're into that kind of thing, this is the perfect book for you to dive into. If you're not into all that, it might take a few chapters to get engaged. However, the writing is crisp, plenty of fun is to be had, while the betrayal and relationships are pretty compelling. Viviana has a lot going on in her life, and it's great getting to know her as she overcomes challenges and obstacles. Recommend.


Immerse Yourself in the Stars

This book was really fun! It is fast paced and funny, but it also has mystery, romance and danger. I found myself thinking about it when I wasn't reading it, and trying to find moments during the day to get back to it. Viviana, the main character, is hilarious. Such a mess, but so endearing. One thing I especially love about this author is her gift for dialogue. Everything flows so naturally. There were also unexpected twists and turns and a few shocks, with I always appreciate in a novel.

Les B.

So much fun!

A great read! The characters in this book always keep you guessing. Plot is full of twists and turns and the ending was a complete surprise to me. Viviana is a bad ass! I look forward to the next book in what I hope is an ongoing series!

Holly Johnston

A page turner plot twister!

Revenge of Alpha Centauri: A Fixed Star Mystery is a fascinating novel written by L.N. Gruer. This thrilling book with a mixture of astrology, mundane problems, and a bit of mystery captivated me from the first page. The writing style is simple, straightforward and clever. The plot is developed through dialogues which makes the story flow smoothly and turn it in a very pleasant to read novel. The characters are also very interesting, original and believable.
Viviana starts her birthday not in a very good way, the stars seem to be against her and nothing turns out as planned. She is struggling with her addictions and at first, she is doing fine when she receives the news that her boyfriend left her and humiliates her on a popular social media site. Furious, she will try to do her best to keep sober, fix mistakes and continue with her life with a bit of help from the Astrology of the Fixed Stars.

Celeste S

Great read

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