March 15

The Reason Why Indie Bookstores are Thriving

It’s no secret that New York has been rocked by various bookstore news in the last few years with Barnes and Noble closing a majority of their locations. In the wake of the book retailer’s departure from communities, indie bookstores have been popping up to fill in the gap of having places for people of all ages to hang out and enjoy books. And surprisingly, they are succeeding where the bookstore giants are failing.

For example, after the recent closure of the last bookstore in her neighborhood, bestselling author Emma Straub unveiled plans to open her own bookstore to fill in the hole left behind. Straub  succinctly writes on her website, “A neighborhood without an independent bookstore is a body without a heart. And so we’re building a new heart.”

Her interview with The Huffington Post answers why indie bookstores are thriving while Borders and Barnes and Noble are failing. Indie stores cultivate that sense of community; they provide an intimate place to spend time, while still maintaining a family friendly yet welcoming vibe. They also do something that online retailers cannot: give the customer the opportunity to flip through books before buying. And it’s seems to be what Amazon is trying to replicate with their new locations.

Straub’s bookstore Books Are Magic! is set to open in May 2017.

Read more about Straub’s bookstore at The Huffington Post.

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