Real Estate is Hot, Fundraising is Not

by Cami Baker



THIS is a REVOLUTIONYou are forewarned that you cannot unlearn the TRUTH.The Truth is...Real Estate is HOT, Fundraising is NOT! No matter what city, year, or market you are in, real estate will always be a better way to fund nonprofits than traditional fundraisers. PERIOD.Nonprofits who are not growing their endowments from the proceeds of gifts of real estate are doing their organizations (those they serve) a disservice. It is irresponsible to know what you will know from this book and not take action. We are all involved in fundraising committees, Facebook groups, and conversations where these are discussion topics.• “We need more funding!”• “How will we feed thousands of kids/animals/veterans with our fundraiser being canceled?"• “Our university, church, shelter, and organization are struggling. So, ask your friends to buy another raffle ticket, come to another golf tournament, and eat another overpriced cookie from our bake sale!”To take part in these conversations as a Charity or a Champion (whether you represent a Cause, Company, or Community), once you learn what this book will teach you and then choose NOT to speak up about this knowledge, you have succumbed to the worst form of hypocrisy imaginable. Up until this very moment that you are reading this page, you have had an excuse—whether you were simply unaware that nonprofits can get six times their charitable donations through gifts of real estate, or even if you have heard of real estate donations but were under the misguided impression that this way of funding would be too risky or complicated. Either way, this is a fair warning. There is NO EXCUSE once you know the truth. Ignorance has kept the causes, companies, and communities you care about stuck in “Fundraising” mode. Or what could be called “Fun draining” complaining mode.Once you read this book, you will know the truth. You will have a moral obligation not to hoard this information if you have a conscience and truly care about causes, companies, and communities. You will know that ANY and ALL of the 1.3 million nonprofits in this country have an EASY, ZERO RISK way of adding, on average, $550,000 to their bank account from ONE donation of real estate. You will learn that companies and communities who love and support these causes, cannot only STOP taking money out of their pockets, but can put money IN their pockets by serving them and leveraging the strategies in this book.Stop reading now if you are not ready to TAKE A STAND for those you say you are here to serve. Nothing is more painful than knowing this solution for millions of people and not speaking up. Nothing is more painful unless you are the ones in the pain that we want to help relieve. The pain of the hungry, the homeless, the faithless...All those who The REAL Agents of Change are Ready, Willing, and Able to stand for! THIS is a REVOLUTION.Revolution:• A forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system• A dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized or in people’s ideas about itThere are 5 Keys that Revolutionize Charitable Gifts of Real Estate for Charities and Their Champions. If you are a Champion and ready to overthrow the old system in favor of a new one and change the way charities and their champions are rewarded for embracing these visionary ideas, turn the first key.You can be THE CHAMPION your community needs! Take a STAND with The REAL Agents of Change!! book has been years in the making and is the sort of book that could only have been written by somebody from a vantage position who not only knows the law around comedy but also has covered the world of comedy intimately and with good insight. In other words, someone like Yours Sincerely.Enjoy!

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HGTV House Hunter Veteran, Top 5% Realtor, Founder of The REAL Agents of Change, author, speaker and visionary revolutionist. Cami Baker has excelled in real estate, lead generation, hosting networking events, public speaking, and partnering for profits with nonprofits for almost two decades. Her unique ability to see opportunity and create cash flow for her clients has led to the ultimate "Make Money Making a Difference" WIN WIN WIN of a lifetime!


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