June 4

Print On Demand Customized


Print on demand is now customized for individual’s needs. The idea behind printing for a specific demand is that you reduce overhead costs, get rid of the overstock blues, and gain the ability to narrow your market focus with minimal risk. A new venture called Offbeat Guides is now narrowing the scope of print on demand even further down to the individual.

Technorati founder Dave Sifry is launching Offbeat Guides as source for customized on-the-fly travel guides. These guides are generated from their Internet data sources once the customer has entered their personal travel preferences. The customized travel book is then delivered via PDF instantly or by express mail. Enter in your travel dates, destination, and preferences for information on everything from museums, concerts, to the great outdoors. Your travel guide is then printed on demand with the weather conditions, exchange rates, event preferences, and more, for the duration of your visit.

These print on demand travel guides seem to be perfectly suited for the needs of frequent business travelers and discerning tourists alike. The cost for this personalized trip guides is $25 for the printed version, and $10 for the PDF to be printed at home, with a full refund for unsatisfied customers. Could this technology be the future of the printing press?


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