What works to promote your book (and your author brand) in 2024?

Karen Strauss and Ken Course share what's working and what isn't to market yourself and your book in today's marketplace.  

A virtual event on Tuesday, June 11th at 1 PM Eastern/10 AM Pacific

Marketing will make or break your book.

It's so frustrating...

You spend years of your life building up experience and expertise. 

You've got the message and the idea, or maybe even an outline or some parts of your book already put together...

It's one of the most important projects you'll ever work on and yet...

It's not getting the attention and excitement it deserves!

It's the most important issue you and your fellow authors face and we're here to help!

This is the biggest leap during your big leap to becoming an author.

From the moment you've got an idea, the promotion and marketing process can begin.

Don't count on build it and they'll come...

Join us on June 12th and we'll walk you through exactly what you need to know!

What Karen and Ken Will Cover:

How marketing your book AND yourself has changed in 2024.

You'll understand what is a good use of your time, how to build up your author platform, and how to plan for your launch (or re-launch).

What you need to have in your marketing plan.

There are many different campaign types to choose from and we'll talk about the most important ones you need to know.

Why you need to start marketing immediately!

It's possible to start creating interest and excitement right away - you just need to know how!

What an Author Like You Shared After Karen's Recent Event:


Solution Partners

Karen’s recent Big Leap Author Summit event was absolutely amazing!

The speakers were truly top-notch, offering insightful information and engaging presentations on a wide range of topics that are highly relevant to speakers and authors, both seasoned and emerging. But what truly impressed me were the practical tools each one provided. These tools are already proving to be incredibly enlightening and will be instrumental in how I think about my messaging, PR planning and media engagement. 

About Karen and Ken

Karen Strauss has worked in publishing for more than thirty years and has held management and marketing positions at major publishing houses, including The Free Press, Crown, Random House, and Avon.

Karen founded Hybrid Global Publishing in 2011 to help authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs get their message out by writing and publishing a book. She offers publishing, distribution, and marketing services for organizations and individual authors. Karen is the author of Book Publishing for Entrepreneurs: Top Secrets from a New York Publisher and offers an online course called Publishing 101: Your Complete Guide from Idea to Published Author.

Ken Course is a master speaker, marketer, business consultant, bestselling author, and high-performance coach behind thousands of successful entrepreneurs.

With over 15 years of experience working with industry leading experts, he has been an acclaimed keynote speaker at over 150 events worldwide with many legends of the speaking and expert industry.

Ken has personally coached over 5,000 small businesses in workshop rooms, mastermind groups, and one-on-one sessions since 2007. His expertise has been key in 5 multi-million dollar program launches as well as 3 New York Times Bestselling Books.

What other authors are saying:

Interested in getting a book done and published? Last week I attended a workshop by Karen Strauss, founder of Hybrid Publishing, on getting a book written, published, and promoted. It is one of the best programs I've ever attended. No fluff. Great guest speakers! She really knows her stuff. And she was very generous with her time. I can't recommend her expertise enough.

Robin Ridley

What an amazing experience. I came into the event feeling unclear about what it takes to write a book. By the end of the retreat, Karen had me believing that not only can I do it, but that it won’t be that hard to do! It was very apparent that Karen and her team have a well-honed process that helps even a novice become an author

Susan Trumpler // Founder and CEO of unstoppable Women in Sales

In all my years in business, I’ve engaged many coaches to help me achieve my goals, but none of them compare to working with Karen Strauss. I hired Karen to coach me around my efforts to promote my new books and to relaunch my own coaching business and was blown away by her insight and wisdom. 

She helped me drill down to identify my best streams of revenue and how to maximize my time and energy so I could get my ‘biggest bang for the buck.’ Karen is a gifted coach and just a delightful person to work with. I can’t wait to work with her to publish my next book!

CJ Scarlet // Best Selling Author of Badass Parenting and Heroic Painting

This will change how you promote your book.

Live with Karen and Ken Course on Tuesday, June 11th at 1 PM Eastern/10 AM Pacific