Summary: Poetic Forecast: Reflections on Life's Promises, Storms, and Triumphs is the heartfelt debut collection of select poems by Zaneta (Zan) Varnado Johns. You will see early on that while the forecast may not always be clear, Zan's poems sound an unwavering sense of what is right. She was a college freshman when she wrote her first poem, "I Want to Make It," followed by "Short Prayer." Zan then began paying tribute to her family and asking God to provide the words to honor them. What followed was her realization that every word shared is an opportunity to love. And love she did! When COVID-19 struck and the world quieted down, Zan's inner voice became loud. In her powerfully moving and poignant "Spiritual Reset," she accurately describes the global threat to our existence. Zan then asks us to examine ourselves and reach out to our neighbors. With faithful encouragement, she inspires us to come together so we may rise again. She follows with her vision of what our world might look like in the hopeful, "After the Reset." Poetic Forecast is a beautiful tapestry woven with threads of hope, joy, sadness, anger, grief, despair, fear, pride, and above all, love. Zan's masterful expression gently guides the reader through her personal encounters and emotions. Her spiritual faith is pure. Her grace is visible, with love at the core of every word. Follow her forecast, weather the storms and you'll be bountifully blessed at the end.

ISBN: 9781951943332


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