February 16

Are Podcasts the Gateway to Audiobooks?


Audiobook companies are discovering the commonality between the audiences for podcasts and audiobooks, and they’re beginning to use that to their advantage. Both podcasts and audiobooks are consumed the same way and companies are cleverly beginning to mix the two. More and more audiobook companies are expanding their selection of podcasts in order to draw attention to their audiobooks.

It’s no head scratcher why this is happening, podcasts are very popular and have grown much more in 2016. Companies like Audible use podcasts to attract new listeners and subscribers, and then encourage those new users to enjoy their audiobooks as well.

Since the two are similar, many listeners have “crossed over” to the other format and companies are enjoying the new business. Audiobook companies are always looking for new, creative ways to draw in subscribers and give them new ways of entertainment, and it looks like they’ve succeeded in this prospect.

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Photo credit: jeff_golden via VisualHunt / CC BY-SA


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