Overlooked Ways to Market Your Book… for Cheap!

What Should Be Included in Your Book Promotional Strategy
January 19, 2018
Why You Need to Focus on Book Reviews (Not Book Sales)
January 30, 2018

One of an indie author’s biggest dilemmas is to plan out an effective book marketing plan that will successfully hit every target, as well as being able to afford said marketing plan.

Podcasts are an ever growing market among young people, so it’s only obvious that since it is popular among writers and readers alike, some enterprising indie authors are capitalizing on them in their promotional strategies. Having a regular podcast devoted to a certain topic, say, maybe even what your book is about, will draw considerable interest in your book!

Having a YouTube channel is another often overlooked way of promoting yourself. Some people may balk at the idea of being on video and coming up with some kind of content to get people clicking and connecting with you, but it’s a major mistake not to consider YouTube’s value. YouTube is available literally everywhere now in people’s pockets through their smartphones and it’s a great way to build yourself up as a brand. Plus, YouTube keeps very intricate details on who clicks to watch your videos so you may learn something about your audience you never expected to know!

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