October 3

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Everyone falls prey to procrastination at one point or another. But procrastination is specifically a problem for writers. We even have our own term for it–writer’s block. Writing, especially a full length book, can feel like a marathon. It’s easy to get stuck around mile 16. While there is so much pressure to just keep writing, depending on the person and the situation, this can be a good time to step away.


  1. You can return to your work with fresh eyes. Maybe something will jump out to you that you hadn’t seen before.
  2. Giving yourself time to rest can foster new ideas. Go for a walk or sit in a coffee shop. Seek out an experience that will inspire you.

Of course, there are times when stepping away just isn’t an option. There are deadlines. Or you tried stepping away and the writer’s block is still there. For that, check out these writing tips by bestselling author Laini Taylor to help you get inspired!


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