June 22

Optimizing Your Book’s Tagline


We’ve previously discussed how to decide on a strong subtitle, but what about your book’s tagline? What is a tagline anyway?

Consider your book’s tagline your fishing hook for potential readers; it’s that one line that teases what your book is about and gives the reader an idea of what to expect from it. Some authors find that their tagline helps them get readers interested in their book, or they will get potential readers who are on the fence about reading their books to commit.

If someone picks up your book, they’ll most likely check out the summary on the back or check out the tagline on the front, or even both, to see if it grabs their attention. So you’ll definitely want to make sure your tagline is up to the task.

Good taglines pique interest through inspiring curiosity, appeal to emotions, or highlights what’s unique about your book.

Is your tagline up to that task? Ask the people around you and try to focus group!

Read more about taglines at the Creative Indie.


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