No Proper Grief: A Journey of Loss & Resilience by Jakob Franzen


What do you do when the life you knew is shattered?

When his husband died, Jakob's life changed irrevocably. He had to figure out how to make a living, parent grieving children, and grieve alone. He felt like he wasn't enough.

Jakob's journey, intimately detailed in No Proper Grief, shows us that no matter how we choose to grieve, it will be enough-regardless of how others think we should do it. No Proper Grief reveals how even the tiniest hope is enough to give us the resilience we need to walk through our grief journey our way. There is no proper way to grieve or heal. We don't need to reinvent our lives immediately to move forward.

Read his story. Breathe. Discover the truth-you are enough.

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Jakob Franzen is an executive coach, author, and public speaker, helping others realize their unique and authentic resilience in every aspect of work and life. Using his own journey as a foundation, he helps his clients identify and face blind spots through self-acceptance, authenticity, and vulnerability. The deep work that he does has helped many clients move from a place of uncertainty and fear to one of confidence and empathy. His clients learn to accept that they are enough so that they can authentically meet the challenges life puts in front of them.


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n a world filled with shiny quick-fixes and toxic positivity, we are expected to rebound and move forward with a smile after experiencing loss. When societal expectations clash against the reality of a devastating loss, the bereaved often feel completely alone as they try to build a new life without their loved one.

I'll preface this by saying I will rarely give anything a 5-star review. I'll also add that I am also an author on the subject Jakob Franzen has written about, and I very much appreciate his view in No Proper Grief.

I read this book, in part, to try and gain any kind of guidance in dealing with this thing called grief. This book was just what I needed. It is genuine and raw and resonated to my very core. It is not a step by step “how-to” book. In fact it’s the opposite.

This book was masterfully written! I could not put it down. I loved it and cannot recommend this book enough. Ones grief too many times can be bushed under the rug. This book gives me hope if I am ever faced with losing my spouse or child, that there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you or someone you love has lost that person in their life, I would highly recommend this book to help you get through it. LOVED IT!!!

This story is a great example and an inspiring lesson. The author, Jakob Franzen, narrates his experience going through grief and having to help and support his children after the loss of his partner.

I simply couldn’t put it down. I know this is his personal journey through loss and grief, but I lost my daddy three weeks ago and it’s my first experience with a close death. As I read through my tears I felt an overwhelming sense of warmth and peace.

Jakob Franzen is an executive coach, author, and public speaker that helps people to understand and overcome several personal situations with self-acceptance, respect, and love. No Proper Grief: A Journey of Loss & Resilience is a book written by Franzen and it is his personal experience with losing someone. Franzen’s life changed completely when his husband died, and he had no clue what to do next. This book is meant to assist people who are going through a hard time with the loss of a loved one.

“No proper grief: a journey of loss and resilience” is a gripping and compelling grief story that will not leave you untouched. The undeniably troubled main character Jakob and it will take you through a roller coaster of emotions, fears, questions and events which will definitely have a riveting effect on anyone reading this.

It is a very touching account of the author’s experience when his husband passed. It is a good view of what people are going through or what is in their heads when they are grieving. It felt really sad but also informative on how people deal with grief.

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