Summary: As Brent Cassity stood at the gate of Leavenworth prison to voluntarily surrender his freedom for the next five years of his life, a million thoughts flooded through his mind. But, the one thought he couldn't push away is this: How did the thing I most feared...the one thing I told myself would never happen...happen to me?

Nightmare Success is for the person who has lost hope, to show that a second chance is possible. Brent shares survival tools that helped him adapt to prison that can be used in everyday life for those who are stuck and fearful of continuing to step forward. There are business lessons shared about how to build a national company, and minefields to avoid.

Brent coined the phrase, "Nightmare Success" because everything you want is on the other side of fear. What key will unlock the prison of your mind and set you free?

ISBN: 978-1-951943-96-7

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