Navigating the Audiobook as an Indie Author

Knowing Your Audience
January 31, 2020

Audiobooks often fall into the backseat in the indie publishing world. Many authors are so focused on the physical book and the ebook that they don’t even consider the audiobook as an option. Then between the narration, production, and cost associated, those who are interested wonder: is it worth it?

It’s true, if you want to make your audiobook successful, you need to be willing to invest in it. Suddenly in addition to your message, sound and production quality are also important factors in whether or not your audience will purchase your book.

However, in today’s society, the option to listen instead of read is becoming more and more popular. People are much more likely to listen to an audiobook or podcast on their morning commute than sit down with a book everyday. Because of this, it may be time for having an audiobook edition to be more standard practice among indie authors.

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