Summary: You know how some people learn lessons the hard way?

Meet Yaya. She is a brown- haired, brown-eyed girl who chose to land on earth in the spandex-and- boy-band- infused-80's with her chosen perfectly fucked up family, so she may learn, heal, and embrace it all. Are you ready to join her on a wild ride from the nargile cafes in Istanbul, to art cars in Burning Man, underground Brooklyn, to the souks of Morocco to knee-deep in quick-sand in the jungles of Ecuador? After 80 countries, many festivals and lots of tv segments, the most heroic journey is the one she takes looking within, with the help of plant medicine, a hot yoga practice and other tantric tools, peeking behind the curtain of her own codependency and trauma and BPD diagnosis and unleashing her sexual desires. Come with Yaya for this mystical voyage around the world and finding peace at home again-within herself.

ISBN: 978-1-957013-04-6

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