Mastering Amazon Keywords: Tips to Boost Your Sales

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Search Engine Optimization for Authors
August 10, 2018
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August 23, 2018
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Mastering Amazon Keywords

Mastering Amazon Keywords: Tips to Boost Your Sales

Indie authors are often disillusioned to find that once they’ve spent countless hours writing their book, they must spend time writing more copy for their marketing efforts so their book doesn’t just disappear into the crowded market place once released. One way indie authors can give themselves—and their book—can break free from the noise and distinguish themselves. However, many authors balk at the prospect of coming up with the best possible keywords to use that disregard them altogether but this is a critical error. Mastering Amazon keywords may not be as scary as you might have thought it was.

Choosing the right keywords for your book can have a powerful impact on your promotional efforts and ultimately increase the sales of your book. More sales equals more royalties which also means more money in your wallet. So why wouldn’t you try to maximize every avenue you have available to you?

How hard is it mastering Amazon keywords?

Conceptually, Amazon is simply a search engine that gives you options on what to buy based on what words you enter. Once you start thinking about what your targeted audience may be searching for, it may automatically click in your mind on what your keywords should be, and of course, it may be much harder than that.

The key is that people who search on Amazon are doing it purposefully with the intent to buy in their minds already.

One of the major factors behind Amazon’s success is that it can place a certain product in front of the right customers at the right time if the product is optimized with the most effective keywords.

But the keywords don’t just have to be entered through the back end. Most authors overlook some of the critical real estate for keywords: their descriptions, their author bios, their reviews (both editorial and reader) can all be optimized and pull a double duty of both being an alluring part of catching a potential customer’s eye and contain strong and effective search terms.

It’s crucial to choose accurate and relevant search terms.

Don’t just choose “romance books” as one of your keywords for your business success book just because that keyword may have a high search rate. Be sure to do research to see which keywords would be most effective for your book.

Amazon has some useful tips on their own website on how to decide which keywords would be best for your book.

Once you make your book more discoverable by picking the most relevant keywords, you may be surprised at how the book reviews on Amazon trickle in! Be sure to check out our article here on more tips to keep those reviews coming!

What about you? Do you think you have conquered the art of mastering Amazon keywords?