August 10

Market to Grow Your Author Platform, Not to Sell Books


The ultimate end goal of your marketing efforts is to sell books, but the point of it is to establish you as an author and your author platform, and not be in-your-face trying to get people to buy your book.

The idea of this is that you want to build a relationship with people who are part of your audience in order to try to convert them into long term fans of you and your work. Marketing just to sell your book doesn’t leave an impact with your target and you’ll have less sales.

You don’t just want them to buy one book and be done with you, rather you should want to build a long term, meaningful connection with them so they will keep buying your books and continually support you throughout your career.

It’s a much more impactful way of marketing yourself as an author, the only drawback is that you may not seem the benefits of it immediately.

Read more about why you should market your author platform and examples of ways you can do so at The Book Designer.


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