Life in a Spin: The Riveting Revelations of an International Helicopter Pilot

by Nick Mylne


Life In A Spin is nothing to do with politics, but all about Mylne's career piloting helicopters for the Army and commercially. In his prologue, he says memories pop up at random and never in neat chronological order. So you have been warned: in these 112 pages, he dexterously jumps in time and place. Sandhurst, Aden, Stockholm, Middle Wallop, Germany, Oxford, Saudi Arabia, Tehran, Damascus, Redhill, Jamaica, Goose Bay in Canada, and Oman pass at blistering speed as he matter-of-factly and tightly amuses us in the high and low altitudes of his life in the cockpit.

He spent 30 years flying and followed that with 20 years teaching aviation law and human performance. But it is not the teaching that he writes about.Instead, we discover an Army general overly aware of his appearance but brought to earth in flames. A crewman who almost lands Mylne in a Middle Eastern prison. A helicopter is downed in the North Sea.He describes in spare, but telling detail of when he was heading for a cliff-top landing only for the tail rotor of his machine to fail. The helicopter spun, hit the cliffside and fell halfway towards the sea before coming to rest upside down and burning with him trapped inside.A charismatic King Hussein of Jordan, the King of Spain, Qaboos bin Said (former Sultan of Oman), and Nelson Rockefeller slide through the pages. Read how Mylne met the woman who became his wife while he was under suspicion in Assad's Syria.It is a testament to the tightness of his writing about these 'shared moments' that he manages to cover so much in so few pages, though the densely detailed news-in-brief approach sometimes leaves you hungering for context.The book is light-heartedly illustrated by Peter Loyd, another former Army pilot and friend.In these days of COVID-19, reading this is like finding an unseen Morecambe and Wise show in the Christmas schedules.--John Price, Journalist, The Times, The Sunday Times, Daily Express and Daily Mail

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Nick Mylne was educated at Millfield and Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He then spent thirty years as a military and commercial helicopter pilot and taught Human Performance and Air Law in two Aviation Academies. Nick is a member of the English fencing and the British Pentathlon teams and is an International Civil Aviation Origination Aviation English Examiner. He is married with five children and fourteen grandchildren.


ISBN: 978-1-957013-00-8
Publication date: December 8, 2021
Page count: 112
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Nick Mylne’s has written a short, easy-paced, nostalgic novel that transports readers into recollections of life experiences as a Pilot. Readers who enjoy books on aviation will have an appreciation for Life in a Spin. Everyone who enjoys reading about airplanes and pilots, and has the desire to live vicariously through the eyes of a pilot will be please because Nick Mylne delivers - especially in recounting his escapades as an Army Pilot.

“Life in a spin” is an interesting book describing with great detail the very turbulent life of Mylin, a Helicoper pilot. It is very elaborate on helicopters and pilot training; so, for anyone interested in those subjects this is definitely the right book! I enjoyed the images that illustrated the narrative and helped to understand the context a little better. Mylin's life will take you from Teheran through Oxford to Jamaica. You will basically travel the world from the view of a pilot. I will certainly recommend this book to any military and/or helicopter enthusiast. It will bring you great insides to both themes.

Life in a Spin tells the riveting revelations, anecdotes and memories of an international helicopter pilot, the author himself. He says he recalls things randomly and not in a chronological way, what makes the 112 pages full of excitement and anxiousness about what may come next. Actually, this is what caught my attention, not knowing what would come after each page was really entertaining.

While not a long book, thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Each chapter had me shaking my head in amazement or laughing out loud - sometimes both. Nick has done so many amazing things in so many different places really hope he adds to the collection.

Chris P

Great little read!

Life in a Spin: The Riveting Revelations of an International Helicopter is a book where Nick Mylne explains his memories and adventures piloting helicopters. The stories do not follow a temporal thread, and jump from one place to another in a random way, which does not convince me 100%. The book is short and easy to read. I found some of the adventures he talks about super interesting to read. I really liked the cover and the different illustrations that appear in the book, which are made by another pilot, Peter Loyd. Good anecdotes, makes you laugh, surprises you, and good adventures explained from the real life of a helicopter pilot.

A fast reading but quite entertaining book that tells us the author's own stories, an international helicopter pilot who tells us about his main experiences throughout his professional career. Many times, when I travel by plane, I ask myself what the life of a pilot must be like. What would have become of me if I had decided to become a pilot? I will never know... but I do recognize that flying has always been a great motivation for me. In that sense, this book can help you understand a little more about what it's like to be a pilot. I also liked that it is not the typical autobiographical book, but rather it tells stories and experiences in a disorganized and conversational way.

Funny and truthful revelations and as the author says, memories don’t always come in any particular order. Real life incidents and some amazing escapes from possible tragedy. I had heard some of these tales from the horses mouth, but even I was surprised by some of them. Didn’t realise quite how casually brave Nick was. Wish it was longer, and the book. Sorry Nick, I’ll get my coat.

Patty O'Doors

Nothing funnier than real life.

Most enjoyable, ONPM. Nice gift, that Sohar flight home.. 


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