Life Gets in the Way by Sally Kalksma


A young widow suddenly must raise three children alone-all while living with a rare blood cancer and working full-time. This situation might make any woman despair, but Sally Kalksma is not just any woman. With her passion for life and her infectious energy, she found the motivation to power through adversity with tenacity and grit while never giving up hope, even when life looked its bleakest. Although Sally is now in remission, she still takes chemo as a maintenance therapy for Multiple Myeloma, but she knows how to turn pain into positivity. In Life Gets in the Way, this superstar, world-renowned athlete shares her memoirs on climbing toward a world without cancer.

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Life Gets in the Way tells the story of Sally Kalksma, a professional stair climber, motivational speaker, writer, and video talk show host-none of which she planned to be. All of these accomplishments are the result of life getting in the way. But this is not just Sally's story. If you think you can't handle life's challenges, this is your story too. Sally has overcome an amazing amount of adversity, but this is not a book about overcoming adversity. This is a book about developing grit, about finding inspiration in the obstacles-and joy in overcoming them. You can too!


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Publication date: December 14, 2020
Page count: 150
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If you would have told me that the girl I met in kindergarten would end up being such a huge inspiration in my adult life I wouldn't have believed you. Sally's challenges and how she's chosen to deal with and overcome them to me are equally as moving as her drive to help others with their lives. I'm thrilled she's getting her message out to the world

Van Romaine

Producer, composer, Musician

To say Sally Kalksma is the living embodiment of resilience, both physically as well as psychologically, would be an enormous understatement. Hit with numerous challenges that would have stopped most people in their tracks, Sally stood strong and faced her obstacles head on, not only surviving but thriving, including becoming one of the top-ranked stair-climbing racers in the world. Sally's lust for life is truly infectious - Prepare to be inspired by her incredible resilience, lust for life and true grit. Everyone who comes into contact with Sally walks away a better person and I feel extremely fortunate to call her a friend.

Tom Holland

Exercise physiologist, best-selling author, elite endurance athlete and fitness personality

This book blew me away! There’s nothing Sally can’t conquer. She powers through adversity with incredible resilience.

The courage and life’s lessons this book brought to light, cannot be underscored enough. Sally’s recounting and thoroughness of plight is awe-inspiring. Her love, no, passion for life, is unmistakeable, heartwarming, riveting and beyond informative. This is not a page turner-rather, it’s a page-burner!

In “Life Gets In The Way”, the author, Sally Kalksma is forced to face one life threatenting illness after another throughout the course of her life. As cancer besets first her husband, then her children and eventually herself she must rise to the challenge each time.

A lesson that will move and inspire you after reading her story. Every page of this book, Life Gets in the Way: Powering Through Adversity with Grit and Grace, is worthy to read most especially the lesson and message that the author wanted to deliver to its reader thru this wonderful story of Sally, an amazing woman who is brimming with passion and ambition despite her illness and other difficulties that life is giving her.

To already have a magnetic, bubbly spirit, and then conquer adversity, and live life fuller than before, that's inspiration-that's Sally. She is a firecracker...she already had an energetic spark for life, now she is a grand finale that leaves you in greater awe and inspired by what's possible

Dianne DeOliveira

Award-winning Journalist, On-air personality, World ranked masters runner, and Owner of Bella N Motion, a USATF running club for woman

I don't stay up past three am often these days, unless I really have a compelling reason. This book was one such reason.

Nichiren Daishonin once wrote in 1276: “Suffer what there is to suffer, enjoy what there is to enjoy. Regard both joy and suffering as facts of life. . .

Sally Kalksma is a widow, fighting a rare blood cancer and working full-time to make ends meet. While all of that, she also raised 3 kids and tried to stay active as an athlete. Dealing with her grief in a healthy manner gets to be hard when her attention and energy is being drawn in so many directions.

This AMAZING autobiography is sure to remind you of the human spirit and WILL to overcome EVERY obstacle. Life is hard enough. Reading Sally’s story should remind us all that “When Life Gets in the Way” you find another path or some Lemocello!!! Living in the present is KEY!! Sally has had many trials in life but as one of the MOST positive people I know, my step sib Sally she will lift your spirits and show you that you will survive!! She is not just an an elite athlete and extremely positive person but she shows us that her children are her LIFE, FAMILY is a priority and she embodies the spirit of all those struggling to find their way with Multiple Myeloma or just trying to overcome a huge void in life. You will FOREVER appreciate each and every day of your life after ready her story!!

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