Lessons from the Driver’s Seat by Wanda Bishop


Get ready for the ride of your life through the eyes and ears of a school bus driver! The majority of parents, grandparents, and guardians, have no idea of what goes on inside the school bus. I have been a school bus driver for nearly 20 years, and I have experienced some of the funniest and craziest situations from all of my kids over the years. I have also witnessed some of the saddest, heartbreaking situations as well. Most school districts have 188 school days a year and that is plenty of time to get acquainted with my students, listening and learning a lot about them and their families. I hope you will read my book and laugh and cry along with me, while you get a glimpse of what is it like from inside the school bus.

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Wanda Bishop was raised in East Chicago. Indiana, and later in St. John, Indiana. Married life moved her to Memphis, Tennessee, where she began and raised her family. Wanda is most proud of her wonderful kids and grandkids, and now three beautiful great-grandkids. She is grateful for the life she has built, the life lessons she has learned, and the accomplishments she was able to pursue. Wanda loves spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys music, nature, beautiful scenery, and the ocean. Wanda credits most of her growth and success in life to her faith and to her continued willingness to read and listen to some of the greatest motivational and inspirational speakers and authors of all time. She lives an attitude of gratitude! An entertaining. inspirational, and motivational keynote speaker, Wanda is ready and eager to be a part of your meetings, seminars, and conferences. Whether she is in front of a room full of people or conducting one-on-one sessions, she will spark joy in anyone who needs a boost in life!


ISBN: 978-1953586100
Publication date: September 17, 2020
Page count: 74
List price: $14.99
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This book is light hearted and entertaining! I would recommend it to anyone who has worked in the field of education from the bus driver to the classroom teacher.

This book was so hilarious and full of great positive thoughts (which we ALL need this terrible year)! It was so great to read something that was not depressing in 2020. This book makes you realize as a parent how many people DO impact your child's daily life that we do not even realize. The author, being a mom herself, just gets it and has some funny stories she takes you along with too. The author is full of great advice and I really enjoyed reading the outside view from the bus driver eyes. Definitely will recommend to family and friends !

This sweet read is delightfully funny; just what our country needs right now.
It's like eyeball Prozac for any parent out there!!

Absolutely loved this book!  I have to say, I have a new found appreciation for school bus drivers.  It never occurred to me that they not only drive kids safely to where they need to go, but they simultaneously become a nurse, rule enforcer, janitor, fight breaker-upper, loose frog finder, shoulder to cry on, patient listener, and big hearted cheerleader. Loved reading the stories from the driver's perspective.  A fast, thoroughly enjoyable read, I highly recommend!  (Page 50 was my favorite page.).

My bonus Mom Wanda Bishop has written a book!! It is great! It will make you reflect on your own school bus journeys. She tells of the everyday adventures of children on the school bus! Some are funny, sad and sometimes she learns things about the children's family life. Wanda informs us of the lessons she learns by driving a school bus!! Great read!!

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