Leading Together: How Brave, Honest Conversations can Transform Our Lives, Organizations, and Communities

by Steph Roy McCallum


In an exploration of conversations gone wrong, well and sideways, Leading Together examines what divides us, and what brings us together. Grounded in the belief that brave, honest conversations are how we solve the challenges in our lives, organizations and the public arena, the book dives into stories of heartache, humor, connection and polarization.Through lessons of conflict and challenge grow your leadership and gain insights to talk together with others and solve the toughest challenges you face.

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Steph is a facilitator, coach, trainer and leader of the most difficult conversations of our lives. With her heart on her sleeve and a deep breath for courage, she wades into the messy, important, beautiful conversations that can bring us together - or tear us apart. Her work in conflict transformation has taken her to 5 continents, leading brave, honest conversations to solve the challenges in our lives, organizations and communities - together. A mother of four amazing humans and one fur child, Steph spends most of her time on Wolfe Island, Canada with her partner in life, exploring nature and dreaming of the next adventure.


ISBN: 9781957013565
Publication date: November 15, 2022
Page count: 232
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In her book, “Leading Together: How Brave, Honest Conversations Can Transform Our Lives, Organizations, and Communities,” Steph Roy McCallum offers an in-depth look at the power of meaningful conversations. She posits that by having courageous and honest conversations with those around us, we can create an environment of mutual respect, understanding, and growth.

“Leading Together: How Brave, Honest Conversations can Transform Our Lives, Organizations, and Communities” by Steph Roy McCallum is a middle length book that talks about what divides and what unites people. With this book, the author wants to give us tools to talk to others and grow our leadership skills.

One thing we all have in common is the conversations we have. From personal, to spiritual to business, we talk to each other a lot. And without us being honest with both ourselves and others, our conversations will not be productive. I found the personal anecdotes that help support the author's lessons to be very helpful in conceptualizing the process of how to really face my emotions and embrace honesty in how I approach all conversations in order to change not only my life but those around me.

Stephani bares all to model the vulnerability that's required to create real change. This book challenges the conventional methods of dealing with conflict and shares a model for a much brighter future.

Leading Together is a self-development book regarding how to be a leader. More specifically, how to get out the leader inside you, where you'll learn: how to be a leader with yourself, with others, and within the system and structure around us.

I can only say good things about this book. Firstly, it is written in such a way that invites readers to keep going: short phrases, simple paragraphs and bullet points that greatly summarize all valuable ideas.

First of all, I loved the art on the book cover. From design to colors scheme and font selection, everything is so perfectly balanced and complements the outlook.

In this book, Steph Roy McCallum tells us the importance of meaningful and honest conversations. She tells us how brave and honest conversations can change the lives of everyone. She also emphasizes accepting disagreement while conversations as it creates an environment of mutual respect and growth. She tells us to be courageous and intelligent enough to understand our own emotions and how to overcome them and accept others’ opinions.

As a fellow believer in how to actually activate people rather than simply motivate people, Steph offers great concepts, contexts and content that anyone (we are all leaders of our lives and our worlds), can use to move the needle forward for a more collaborative, integrated and aligned world. What I love is the vision she holds for how to do this better.....think big or go home! Thank you Steph.

If communication isn't your strong suit, or you just want to have better conversations, then this is going to be a great read for you. The author has so much insight and presents it in a way that is engaging and inspiring. After reading for a short while you'll want to go out and implement some of the author's wisdom. The book is well organized too, so it's easy to spot what you need. I'd highly recommend it.

Leading Together: How Brave, Honest Conversations can Transform Our Lives, Organizations, and Communities by Steph Roy McCullum is a uniqely sage and insightful book on communication etiquette. The author shares her expeiences and in-depth knowledge with the readers on how they can resolve any pertaining issue with the help of impressive dialogue. The techniques mentioned in the book are remarkably easy, implementable and effective.

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