Lead like a Queen

by Sarah Kenny


Lead Like a Queen is required reading for the next generation of young women who are eager to make their mark in the world.

Too many young women feel confused, anxious, uncomfortable in their skin, and worried about the future. They're struggling to figure out who they are, what they want in life, and how to feel happier and more fulfilled along the way. They're meant for something bold and audacious in their lifetimes, but fear and paralysis keep stifling their voices and potential.

But they're not alone...and author Sarah Kenny knows why and what to do about it. Based on decades of experience developing women leaders and her own turbulent teens and twenties, she wrote this book to save countless girls the headache and heartache that kept her stuck and miserable for way too long.

Lead Like a Queen is an inspirational self-help guide for any young woman who is sick of suffering from anxiety, overwhelm, and doubt, and eager to find more happiness, purpose, and fulfillment much earlier in life. Sharing heartfelt (and hard-earned) advice, practical strategies, and expertise gained from the author's own healing journey, this book teaches readers how to break through the fear and angst that is holding them back from reaching their full potential and unleashing their power. Most importantly, it inspires young women to become autonomous, audacious Queens: the bold leaders and change agents our world desperately needs.

Specifically, it covers the major issues affecting young women's mental health and leadership development-ones that the author has also spent years researching and personally working through, including how to:

- Embrace emotional discomfort for growth

- Overcome perfectionism and people-pleasing

- Develop body confidence and acceptance

- Build self-trust and make hard decisions

- Manage stress and anxiety while building resilience and confidence

- Discover one's "why" and find more meaning and purpose in life

Lead Like a Queen teaches young women things they can start doing today to build confidence, discover their passions, and start living more authentic, audacious lives. Because what the world needs right now is an army of Queens who are stepping into their power and leading humanity in a better direction.

The Author:

Sarah Kenny is a mission-driven author, speaker, and leadership coach. She is dedicated to empowering women and girls to unleash their potential for the global good and believes that living an impact-oriented life is the secret to fulfillment. Sarah holds an MA in Gender Studies from Utrecht University and is an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach. She loves reading, yoga, creating new pasta dishes, and watching comedies and British dramas "with a strong female lead." Sarah lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and their beloved pets.


ISBN: 978-1-957013-84-8
Publication date: September 20th, 2023
Page count: 106
List price: $15.95
Formats available: paperback and eBook

I wish I'd had this book when I was growing up. It can be hard to find people in your life that you trust at a young age, and Sarah's wisdom of lived experiences is just what I wanted at that age. I'll share this book with friends and family with young girls!

Megan Dorcey

A young woman's guide to life

Important information for adolescent girls and their parents, teaching them how to deal with the anxiety, self esteem, self image and other stresses associated with this transition in their lives.


Must Read

I wish this book had been available when I was in high school! Sarah has packed so much wisdom and empowerment into "Lead Like a Queen." It's a call to action for all young woman to recognize their awesomeness and live a life they love. Highly recommended; I'd love for every high school girl to read this book!


Every young woman needs to read this book!

The beauty of this book is Sarah's voice; it is the empowering, nurturing voice of a big sister who has been there before and will walk along your side. Sarah speaks to young women not as an authority but a human who has been there and done the work. She normalizes struggle, self doubt, stress and loneliness, helping her reader know that she is not alone. As the mother of two girls, I have gifted them Lead Like A Queen and I hope they read it like a guide; there for them when they need words of wisdom, comfort and understanding as they grow into their full selves.

Krista Anderson-Hill

Insert text

“Lead Like a Queen” is a must-read and a great gift for all women! This little book contains everything that today’s female leaders need to know in order to shine. It covers vitally important topics such as becoming at peace with one’s body image, embracing emotional discomfort in order to grow and develop, managing stress and anxiety while nurturing confidence and cultivating resilience, and many other factors that shape a woman’s – indeed, every human being’s – life. Something that the author addresses to which I can relate particularly is perfectionism and people-pleasing. She gives invaluable advice on how to overcome these challenges. This is the kind of book that you will want to refer back to. Five stars from me.


Must-read for all women

This book is a perfect blend of research and experience, anecdotes and coaching. It's written for young women but the ideas are universal: embracing the discomfort of growth, taking responsibility for your own feelings, releasing responsibility for keeping others happy, and battling the dragon of perfectionism. A great read for any young woman seeking her path and growing into her power!

Jenny Magic

Powerful blend of anecdote and professional experience

This book is a must-read. Sarah masterfully explains the history and social conditioning that makes it so challenging for a young woman to find her way in a "man's world," and gives tangible tools for women to find their power in spite of all of it. Well written and filled with vulnerable personal anecdotes, this was an easy and impactful read. As a mother trying to raise an empowered, self-confident young woman, I anticipate coming back to this book again and again both for my daughter and for myself!

Amazon Customer

THE book for empowering teen girls and young women!

“Lead Like A Queen” is like having a wise, wonderful, worldly sister lean in and tell it to you straight. With the biggest love in her heart for you and all that is possible in this gift called life. Sarah Kenny’s passion for young women’s health, greatness and joy is wildly apparent. This mighty book really packs a punch!! I loved the chapter titles like “The Disease to Please” and “Follow Your Flicker.” Sarah’s voice is fresh, engaging, and oh-so-wise—and she sprinkles her own story throughout. You don’t see her in the ivory tower (though we know it’s well-researched)—-nope! Rather, Sarah’s right there at our side on the path—-helping us see, really see, with a fresh lens. She exposes the toxic, soul-suckiness that the world slickly and slyly offers women—and then she hands us the keys to the kingdom. Big, real, practical keys for authentic living. Honestly, as I read, I repeatedly thought—-the whole world needs this book! Everyone—of all stripes. World leaders. The whole shebang! But, for right now, this gutsy book will ignite young women’s superpowers—-and they will never look back. That, my friends, is game-changing—-not only for teens and young women, but for the world as we know it! Crowns ON, baby!

Lynn Young

Shimmers and packs a punch! Life-changing for teen and young adult women—-heck, for ALL women!

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