The Universal Language of Nature: A New Method for Conflict Resolution and Authentic Leadership

by Alexandra Sitch


The bestselling book The Universal Language of Nature in English has struck a chord in the current era of lockdown, showing the need for a new vision and innovative solutions.

More than ever, our personal evolution and expanding consciousness are important to healing our fragmented world.This book highlights interesting aspects that have been neglected for too long, but could offer structural solutions for the problems of our society today; the development of emotional and sensory intelligence, as well as the importance of the authentic power of each human being. Nature and especially horses help us in our personal development: In a role-playing game or tableau vivant, the horse guides us and he is the only living being who is capable of leading us so quickly and so far in the field of behavioral finesse , life themes, blockages in the system and subtleties of the relationship; all this without judgment.

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After her studies in International Relations and conflict mediation, Alexandra Sitch works in international organizations. Later, these experiences were supplemented with knowledge of the constellations of nature and psychology to help business leaders, teams and individuals with personal and relational questions. She lives in Aude and regularly organizes personal development workshops in Europe. --This text refers to the paperback edition.


ISBN: 978-1-951943-65-3
Publication date: August 18, 2021
Page count: 98
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The book presents a way to manage and resolve conflicts using the intuition and sensitivity of horses. Original and very interesting, the book opens doors to a new way of understanding social relations.

Houplain A.

A very interesting book

I chose this rating because I really enjoyed this book which I highly recommend to everyone.

Client d'Amazon

Very nicely written, analyzed and detailed, this approach to human emotional problems felt by horses allows us to glimpse new possibilities for managing our emotions and feelings.

This book opens the door to our emotions and the management of our conflicts in a very original and intuitive way. I really enjoyed reading this book, very well written, full of concrete examples. A very pleasant read which made me aware of many personal patterns, and to take a step back.
I recommend it for everyone, but especially for leaders and managers!

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