Summary: This is a story about a first-generation German immigration teenager arriving in America, the land of opportunity, with just two shirts, a pair of corduroy knickerbocker pants, a sweater, and a jacket. After graduating with an engineering degree Rudy worked in the aerospace industry, then entered the land business and finally is now his company owns and manages apartment buildings in southern California. He is living the American dream. He shares his journey leaving his homeland, immigrating to the USA, entering high school with limited English skills, working on his stepfather's farm, graduating from high school and college, securing a high paying engineering job in Southern California and eventually owning and managing southern California real estate . This book describes his inspirational journey from Berlin to Newport Beach.

ISBN: 9781948181372

Publication date: January 2nd, 2019

Page count: 104

List price: $9.95

Formats available: paperback

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