November 17

Is Audio Really the Future of the Book?


Audio books are becoming bigger and more popular than ever despite the age old question of whether or not they really are books since you, well, don’t read them. Now that eBooks are becoming more commonplace and are now too old to really be the “new and exciting” thing in the book industry, it seems audio books are considered the new innovation that’s picking up steam. But the thing is, audio books have been around for over a hundred years now.

It makes sense that the audio book is finally taking off now however. People have less time to spend to sit and read a book, an activity that requires full concentration. Audio books allow consumers to enjoy books when they are doing an activity that doesn’t require much effort like while driving, working out, doing household chores, etc. And best yet, with all the new technologies, they can absorb books anywhere. So why should we criticize different formats that allow people enjoy books?

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