Integrative Intelligence®: Expanding Whole Person Potential by Laurel Elders


The Integrative Intelligence Coaching approach is the first of its kind. The manual is designed to elevate a full spectrum of human potentials through the art and science of masterful coaching. Including Integrative Intelligence in a professional coaching engagement takes the client on a deeper dive into integrating all parts of themselves. The integration frameworks empower clients to shed limitations and gain fluency in their own personal greatness. This manual is perfect for new and seasoned coaches who wish to gain revolutionary insights into the mastery possible in coaching.

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Laurel Elders is the Founder, CEO of the Institute for Integrative Intelligence®. She began her career as a professional coach in 2005 after noticing that we are living in pivotal times and that there is a better way.

Laurel observed how coaching is powerfully tapping into the next phase of human evolution in ways never before experienced. She became invested in bringing high caliber coach training, into a world that needs people's gifts, talents, purpose and heart, now more than ever.

Her clients and students are torch holders for positive impact, locally and globally, in service to the success of generations to come.


ISBN: 978-1-951943-71-4
Publication date: November 8, 2021
Page count: 292
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Excellent information for new coaches and seasoned coaches!

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