April 20

The Importance of Having Amazon Reviews

A major tool for indie authors is the reviews they get for their books on Amazon. They’re one of the best ways an author can gauge how their book is fairing depending on how many reviews they have received and what the general consensus is in the reviews themselves.

But most importantly: they can be used to market your book. When a potential reader is looking up information about a book, the thing they usually look at after the cover and summary is what the reviews are saying. Are they mostly negative or positive? Do they confirm whether the book is worth their time? Or is no one saying anything at all about the book?

Having any reviews is better than having no reviews. No reviews at all shows to a potential customer that the book is probably a dud if no one has bothered give it a shot, so they probably wouldn’t anyway.

Readers will be more likely to give your book a shot if it has say, 10 or 15 reviews on Amazon as opposed to none. People are inherently social creatures, they most want to read what many others have already read so they can socialize about it. Why do you think so many people have read Harry Potter and will continue to read Harry Potter?

Check out more tips on how Amazon regulates customer reviews and how to gain more at Booklife.

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