IDEBATE Books – International Studies

International Studies

A Different Kind of Power? 

Thomas Diez

Digital Activism Decoded

Mary Joyce

Direct Democracy

Kara L. Lindaman

Eastern European Roma in the EU

Anca Pusca

Environment and Our Global Community

Susan Shapiro

European Union

Anca Pusca

Ethnic Profiling 


Human Rights in the Post 9/11 World

Bethany Barratt

Intergenerational Justice 

Austin Sarat

Migration, Human Rights and Development

Anne T. Gallagher


Janos Barsony and Agnes Daroczi

Rejecting the EU Constitution?

Anca Pusca

Religion as an Issue in Politics

Nukhet A. Sandal

Roma Diplomacy

Valerie Nicolae

Roma in Europe

Anca Pusca

The Challenge of Anti-Roma Policies

Will Guy

The Democracy Reader

Sondra Myers

Jason Stone and Andrea Stone

The Interdependence Handbook

Sondra Myers and Benjamin R. Barber

The International Criminal Court

Mark S. Ellis and Richard J. Goldstone

Women's Rights

Jurate Motiejunaite

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