IDEBATE Books - Debate



Nick Bibby, Sam Block, and Steve Llano

Argument and Audience

Ken Broda-Bahm, Daniela Kempf, and William Driscoll

Art, Argument and Advocacy

John Meany and Kate Shuster

Authentic Communication

Jeffrey Hannen

Code of the Debater

Alfred C. Snider

Debate and Dialogue in Correctional Settings

Johannes Wheeldon, Ricardo B. Chavez, and Joe Cooke

Debating in the World Schools Style

Simon Quinn

Decision by Debate

Douglas Ehninger and Wayne Brockriede

Dictionary of Debate and Public Speaking

Leslie Philips

Discourse, Debate and Democracy

David Cratis Williams and Marilyn J. Young

Discovering the World through Debate

Nick Bibby

Richard Whately

Elements of Rhetoric

Richard Whately

Essential Readings on Rhetoric

Joseph Zompetti

Finding Your Voice

Allison Hahn, Taylor Ward Hahn, and Marie-Odile N. Hobeika

Frontiers of the 21st Century

Alred C. Snider

Influencing through Argument

Robert B. Huber and Alfred C. Snider

Introduction to Public Forum and Congressional Debate

Jeff Hannan, Ben Berkman, and Chad Meadows

Logical Self-Defense

Ralph H. Johnson and J. Anthony Blair

Many Sides

Alfred Snider and Maxwell Schnurer

Allan D. Louden

John Meany and Kate Shuster

Participation for All

Michael K. Middleton

Perspectives in Argumentation

Robert Trapp & Janice Schuetz

Perspectives in Controversy 

Kenneth Broda-Bahm

Reasoned Rationales

Jospeh P. Zompetti

Sparking the Debate

Alfred C. Snider

Speaking, Listening and Understanding

Gary Rybold and Neil Harvey-Smith

Speak Out!

John Meany and Kate Shuster

Speak Up!

Kate Shuster and John Meany

Speaking Across the Curriculum

The California High School Speech Association's Curriculum Committee

The Middle Schoolers' Debatabase

Rhiannon Bettivia and the National Forensic League

The Debatabase Book

The Editors of IDEA

The Practical Guide to Debating—Worlds Style

Neil Harvey-Smith

Tolerancia Critica y Ciudadania Activa

Hernan Bonomo

Transforming Debate

Jack E. Rogers

Winning Debates

Steven L. Johnson

Voices in the Sky

Alfred C. Snider

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