February 15

How giving away books can make you money

Giving away their books for free? It’s sounds like a nutty idea to incorporate as part of your book marketing plan, doesn’t it? It’s not unusual for authors to balk at the idea of giving away their hard work away for free, but many have found it vital as a part of their marketing plans.

However, it all ties into promotion (or as we stress: promotion, promotion, promotion!) by becoming a part of your funnel. If you aren’t already away of what a funnel is, it is a process you lead customers through with the final goal of having them become regular customers of yours who remain in your orbit, so to speak.

The basic process of a sales funnel is first to make your audience aware of what you’re offering. Setting up a book giveaway is the easiest way to do this, who can resist learning more about getting something for free? Then the next step is to build enough interest you generate enough desire to make action happen down along the line. Having book freebies isn’t going to bring you immediate success, but if you strategize and carefully make it a part of your promotional plan.

Even if you think you don’t understand how giving freebies away can lead readers to buying your book, you definitely know of some examples that have work. Consider Netflix’s free one-month trial to entice people into checking out their video streaming service, and then consider how they’ve become worth more than two billion dollars and how they’ve become so ubiquitous in pop culture so fast.

They have mastered the art of keeping people in their sales funnel. You can too if you study the basics of building a sales channel properly and enjoy long-term sales.

Read more about how doing giveaways can be beneficial for your bottom line at Jane Friedman’s blog.


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