February 14

Using Holidays to Promote Books

Authors watch current events to find inspiration and opportunities for book promotion. Whether it’s an upcoming holiday or something in the news, authors are consistently looking for a reason to promote their books. It’s easy to prepare for upcoming holidays, which is why most authors plan promotional content around that time.

One way of getting in front of the holiday crowd is to research hashtags for that specific holiday. Hashtags, in general, are very important to social media. Choosing the right ones is vital to appearing in front of the right audience. An easy way of figuring out which hashtags work, look to your competition. Focus on the hashtags they used for the holiday last year, especially if it was a popular post. There’s a pretty good chance they’ll work again this year. Make sure they send the right message for your branding.

You can coordinate with other authors on social media. Once you find an author who has a title comparative to yours (in the same genre), reach out and set up a promotion! Holidays are great times for themed giveaways, as well as gift packs and BOGOs (Buy One Get One).  This way you’ll be reaching their audience, as well as your own.

Holiday book promotions are always a great idea and use of resources for authors. The possibilities are endless and depend on the holiday. If you’re interested in learning more about different ways to promote your books, Jane Friedman has a great article on the subject. In addition, if you aren’t getting great results with your book promotion you may be making some common mistakes. Read about those mistakes here.


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