Hear Your Heart Whisper from the Stillnessby Nancy Smyth


Becoming aware of what you are feeling on a regular basis and at every moment can prevent you from being a zombie and can put you back in control of your emotions, your life and the quality of its experience. If you are tired of being a slave to your emotions, allowing them to run your life, then realize that you don’t have to anymore.

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As a Master Certified coach, thought partner, speaker, artist, and poet, Nancy's love and vision guide clients to joy and success. Her life-changing work spans 28 countries. In 2003, Arbinger Institute invited Nancy to create a worldwide coaching program. She is a contributor to their best-seller, The Anatomy of Peace, and continues to train and offer executive coaching for the Institute. Nancy co-founded Two Wise Women, a coaching and training business that produced the book, Chocolate or Lunch: How Choices Impact Relationships. Nancy's magic is rooted in stillness and wisdom. Her presence is delightfully tranquil while being powerfully transformative.


ISBN: 978-1951943639
Publication date: July 20, 2021
Page count: 144
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Immediately upon reading the first sentences of this book, I was brought to my heart and felt great peace and love emanating from the pages.
While reading further, feelings of compassion, love and empathy arose from within, for myself and others. The writing bypassed my busy mind and spoke directly to the heart.

This is a truly beautiful book about becoming more intimate with our most potent, creative force in our lives — our HEART. With insights, meditations and practices one can use on a daily basis, this book will guide you to look beyond your programmed reactive responses to life and deep within to the heart of what you truly want — love, joy, peace and serenity. This is a book that will touch the sacred heart of you. I highly recommend!

Such wisdom at a time where the noise seems louder than our capacity to hear ourselves. Thank you for the guideposts towards those aspects of ourselves that frees us from the same drama and outworn scripts. Powerful!

The words in this book somehow, magically, bring a peaceful smile to my face as I read them. They stick with me long after, gently encouraging me to take the time to slow down, to notice, to listen, to love. And while the book does contain instructions, ideas and concepts, its magic for me is as a written meditation that guides me to a state of presence and peace from which I can hear that whisper a little more clearly.

Richard S

A whisper that is well worth hearing!

If you have a desire to move beyond some persistent emotions and hear the messages coming from your heart, this book is for you.

In Hear Your Heart Whisper from the Stillness, Nancy A Smyth shares her invaluable wisdom, education, and life experience. Through her engaging storytelling and poetic writing style, she guides us to discover and listen to our deepest truth…our heart.

Hear Your Heart Whisper from the Stillness brings you to the brink of self-discovery and masterful living in the modern age.

This is an exquisitely beautiful book that guides a reader into the heart of all things. Powerful, accessible, profound and immediately practical. The words are alive, not just concepts, like a dear wise friend by your side. I'm so grateful for this gem and return to it often.

This book invites you to slow down and ponder…a very welcomed respite!

It invites you to explore your heart and the beauty within. It's not a book "about the heart." It's a book that is written from the heart and takes you directly into your own heart.

Sarah McCrum

This is a beautiful book.

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