August 31

Habits of Successful Authors

Not every successful author has identical book marketing plans. However, if you analyze them closely, there are certain tendencies they have in common. While each and every one of these habits may not be the missing component in your marketing plan, it could help you figure out what you may need help with.

One habit most bestselling authors tend to share is studying their readership growth as well as their ROI (return on investment), to brush off a term taught in Business 101, and which you should focus more on. The thought here is that ROI may be difficult to predict, even if you’ve had success with one book already, while concentrating your readership growth fosters your sales numbers and future success as well as giving you a clearer benchmark of your progress.

Another similarity these authors have in common is that they are adaptive to changes in a timely manner, whether they be in the marketplace, current events, or new trends that may have sprung up. Adapting at the right time is crucial as well. For example, writing an article on why you should visit Houston may not be the best idea right now considering the catastrophic damage done to the city and its people from the recent Hurricane Harvey.

These authors also have executed a well thought out and thoroughly researched marketing plan. You need to make sure your own book marketing plan will work for you every single day and there is nothing you haven’t overlooked. Simply hoping for the best isn’t going to work here.

Read more habits that successful authors share that may help your promotional efforts at the Huffington Post.


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