Futureproof: A Novel

by Stephen Albrecht


Trust the oceans will subside

Trust the migrants will adapt

Trust your ex-brain will serve you

In the 2050s, our predicted future is reality. The climate has changed. People flee the coasts and the heat zones to survive.  Refugees reshape the world. And yet, through technology we adapt. Some of us even thrive. Our external brains, or ex-brains, show us how to solve our problems, help us predict and overcome. We trust, and we move forward.

Joe Watson, a pioneering lawyer, and his wife Evie, a predictive psychologist, helped build this new world. When it turns against them, can they maintain trust in their future?

The Author:

Stephen Albrecht is a writer and lawyer who has worked widely in the public and private sectors across the healthcare, banking and technology industries. He is a hiker, a softball coach, a husband and the father of wonderful twins. Born in St. Louis, Missouri and more recently from Washington, DC, he currently lives with his family in London, UK.


ISBN: 978-1-957013-79-4
Publication date: May 23rd, 2023
Page count: 353
List price: $
Formats available: paperback and eBook

Albrecht's impressive SF debut ... A shuddery, slow-burn, speculative thriller

Kirkus Reviews

Editorial Review

This is a brilliantly crafted story based around the (not too distant) future with AI and technology at the centre. Its not hard to connect today with Futureproof on a thread of the evolving digital world we live in and the deteriorating climate situation. 30 years ago this would be fanciful stuff. Now ? its becoming more believable, and a little scary...

Paul B

Great story giving serious pause for thought

I read a book a week (approximately), best original concept I’ve read in years.


Original story like no other

An inciteful look at the future of AI. Fiction that may well predict reality.

John P.

A Timely Read

If you like the books of Michael Chrichton like Airframe, Next, State of Fear and Sphere, or Ernest Cline (Ready Player One, etc.) , then this is right up your alley. Downloaded this book for vacation and once I started reading, it was hard to put down. A page-turner that provides a meaningful conversation with the zeitgeist as we enter the age of AI and try to pursue all of its potential benefits and consider its threats down the road. The interaction with the ExBrain and the past and present of protagonist kept the pace of the book moving quickly. Need a sequel that shows how each character’s story evolves as we continue to integrate new technologies into our lives. Great read- will leave you wanting more.

Dan McDonough

Thought provoking page-turner!

What a great read! Not only are the characters fantastic, but the environment they live in seems a little to real to me. I had a very hard time putting this book down as I was engaged with the character development along with a very plausible future world that involved advanced iterations on today's ai, environment, social, and basic human emotions and how they all may look in a not so distant future.

I am a bit sad of course that I have to wait for more to come but will be super excited when it does. Kudos to Stephen Albrecht for an amazing and at times scary look into what could be.

Robert V. Capone

Like looking into a crystal ball!

smart, clever, fun and thrilling... The book is well written, both from a technical standpoint and more importantly from a human standpoint ... a work of art that is beautiful and terrifying at the same time

Five Stars

Editorial Review

Great read! Couldn’t put it down!

Catherine Glynn

Page turner!!

GREAT read, perfectly timed. The use of AGI is accelerating MUCH sooner and faster than anyone anticipated. Albrecht’s gifted storytelling does a masterful job of absorbing the reader into a gripping plot while at the same time educating the reader on the tremendously wide ranging and complicated implications of AGI, some of which are quite worrisome to say the least. Future proof is a MUST read for anyone who is trying to fully comprehend the massive tidal wave of AGI driven change that is about to crash down on mankind.

Michael Silva

Loved it! Absolutely fascinating. And terrifying!

I stayed up way too late one night reading this book because I couldn’t put it down. It’s one of those reads that fully immerses you in the story, you feel so attached to the characters, and entranced by the future world that Albrecht creates. This novel is the perfect combination of plot that grabs your attention and thought-provoking, philosophical questions about where we are heading with AI. Weeks after finishing it, I’m still wrestling with the ethical conundrums the book raises. And I can’t wait for the sequel.


Timely page-turner - couldn’t put it down!

I seldom read fiction, but, I really enjoyed this book. The author's choice to explore the state of AI technology present and future through a gripping 'who-done-it' is brilliant. As I read the story of the Ex-Brain's development and evolution, I couldn't help but continually parallel the author's descriptions with the recent headlines on the technology and ethics of the current, and potential future state of AI systems. No better way to learn about the complex and nuanced field of AI development that with an exciting crime story.

I'm definitely looking forward to Part 2, or the inevitable movie.


So good, you might just learn something about AI

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