Summary: Health is a journey. However, we often desire instant gratification and expect results as soon as we put any effort. A muscle isn’t strengthened by inactivity, our health is the same, it has to be challenged, allowed to respond, adapt and then become stronger through the process. When we decide to make our health a priority, we think differently, we act differently and our potential increases. Our relationships are deeper and longer lasting, our energy improves, the connections we make are greater and our life experiences are richer. Use this book as a guide, a resource, for motivation and for implementation. Successful people do what unsuccessful people do not want to do. So be successful, be consistent, be focused and achieve what you deserve. You are amazing, you are capable of great health and a great life; decide now to improve your health, your life and your legacy. And, enjoy the journey!

ISBN: 9780984390045

Publication date: January 10th, 2017

Page count: 210

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