Summary: Frank Lehane outgrew his years of serving as a "financial advisor." He decided to serve people in a much higher-level way. He committed to doing business with a servant's heart. Now Frank shares the steps to success with you-the same steps that enabled him to build a higher-level-value business. His business is transforming peoples' ability to retire early. He also empowers their legacy to include generous financial giving. Combining his wonderfully patient education and a vision for each person's ability to make the prudent decisions to thrive financially, Frank reveals blind spots and creates discovery moments that serve you for life. He simplifies the complex. Then he adds enlightenment to a step-by-step unwrap of proven time-honored solutions used by smart money families to multiply wealth and enable powerful life choices. You can feel how much Frank cares that your mastery of financial legacy frees you to step up to a higher-level of living and giving. This is a worthy read about simple steps from a person whom you might consider a good family friend.

ISBN: 978-1-7347528-4-7

Publication date: July 14, 2020

Page count:130

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