Summary: Never ending to do lists and deadlines. Constant demands on your time and energy. The world never stops. And you never have time to catch up. This can leave you depleted and overwhelmed, wanting to crawl in a hole. Self care sounds great, but who has the time?

You do.

In her groundbreaking new book, Feel Better in Five Minutes: An Empowering Guide to Gain Control Over Your Emotions, Intuitive Healer and Author Amanda Hainline helps to empower you with quick and easy ways to feel better. Right now.

The book is a unique blend of energy healing and psychology, explaining where your emotions come from, how to release trauma from your past and what to do to move forward into the life you truly deserve.

Feel Better in Five Minutes contains relatable client stories and easy to follow techniques to feel better fast that anyone can use. Whether at home, in the car or in the middle of a stressful meeting, you will have practical tools that allow you to biohack your emotions and get into a calm, focused place in no time. And better yet, the QR codes in each chapter take you to videos where Amanda personally guides you along the way so you never feel alone.

Emotions and energy are closely linked to physical health. Don't wait until your body stops you dead in your tracks. Take control. Now, it's easy. And better yet, it only takes five minutes.

ISBN: 978-1-951943-61-5

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