May 18

Essential Elements of Social Media Marketing

While everyone and their mother may have a different approach to utilizing social media to expand the reach of their business (or say, book), there are a few commonalities between the most successful marketing campaigns that may prove useful to you if they are not already a part of yours. If you are not using these tactics, you have definitely seen them at work.

The first essential element is to make sure you have a general hub. You need to have a center to where all your social media websites will link to. The best example of this is to have a website with your information with your own domain. You want your website to contain all the necessary information for people who want to know more about you or where else they can follow you on social media, or even what they can purchase from you. Your website should be a one stop shop.

Another essential element is to develop professional relationships that will help your business. Becoming friends with bloggers, podcasters,  or other authors with a sizable audience will only help your promotional efforts! You’ll want to chose carefully who to network with; someone who has a large audience of people you aren’t targeting won’t probably do you much good.

Read more about effective social media tactics at Copyblogger.


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