Engaging Speakers: Voices of Impact

by Jen Loving


Voices of Impact is a compilation of inspiring stories from successful entrepreneurs who have made a profound impact in their industries. Featuring a diverse range of authors, many of whom are accomplished speakers, this book offers valuable insights and practical advice on how to achieve success in business and in life. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or simply looking for motivation and inspiration, Voices of Impact is a must-read book that will leave you feeling empowered and inspired to take your own journey to the next level.

The Author:

Jen Loving is the CEO of Engaging Speakers, a successful business coach, and a bestselling author with seven books. She has generated more than $25 million in sales, raised more than $1 million in donations for nonprofits, and helped thousands of entrepreneurs to build their businesses, with many reaching six- and seven-figure revenues. She has been featured on Inc.com, ABC News, and the Chicago Tribune and has spoken on stage to more than ten thousand people. She is most proud of founding her own international nonprofit Handing Hope which brings comfort and smiles to children battling cancer. Jen resides outside of Chicago with her four incredible kids and Raider, the family dog.


ISBN: 978-1-957013-75-6
Publication date: May 3rd, 2023
Page count: 120
List price: $15.95
Formats available: paperback and eBook

Voices is a powerful collection of stories of strength and resolve in the face of adversity. Many of the authors detail their journey from turning life’s challenges and obstacles into opportunities for discovery and growth. What is especially impactful is the authors’ openness to be vulnerable as they share their stories. I found Eva White’s story powerful as she journeys from unpacking the lies, she told herself and others about who she is to embracing the person she consciously creates each day.

Eddie W.

Strength in Vulnerability

I found Rhonda’s story to be incredibly well written and her overall theme from finding liberation in God after going through such a tumultuous time resonated with me. I found her story and sharing very courageous and a great reminder that we always have a choice to choose God and when we do anything is possible.

Kristin Crockett

Rhonda was an inspiration!

I find the stories in Voices of Impact to be relatable and inspiring. These authors share their own stories of challenge and triumph in such a way that I am inspired and encouraged in my own journey. I encourage curious readers to dive into this book and these stories of hope and triumph and see is what available for you here in your own journey. We are not alone.


Relatable and Inspiring Stories

I loved this book! Seriously…once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down! The various stories really opened my eyes and helped me change my perspective on things. I also loved that the contact info for the authors are included. I’m definitely going to reach out to some of them for more information. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the authors!

Amazon Customer

Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down!

Wonderful book! Appreciated the wisdom and experiences shared. Specifically, Jane Cebrinsky’s account of the hospice journey with her feisty mom. What a lovely family showing love, support and grief at the prospect of their mom / Nanny no longer wanting to fight the fight. Beautiful and brutal in the same journey. Thank you!

C. Tawney

Engaging Speakers Voices of Impact

Andi Kaye Grace’s section in this book is truly life-changing. The honesty and vulnerability of the birth of her first child is exactly what I needed to hear. It’s not easy to share such a distressing time of your life. I can’t wait for Andi’s plans for special needs adults. Highly recommend reading this inspiring chapter.

Jillian W

Andi Kaye Grace is a breath of fresh air

enjoyable book that has plenty of good content and written by a collection of interesting people, each with their own tale to tell. Some were very inspirational, others thought-provoking. Thank you.


Yes, an engaging read

Every time I picked up a chapter, I put them down feeling empowered. These stories can speak to anyone at any point in their life. Each chapter focuses on a challenge that is common but often debilitating when you're living it. Whether the topic is Value (explore with Rhonda), Rest (a lesson from Rachelle), or Finance (dive in with Laura), there are all different hardships that a person can face at any point in their life. However, at the end of each story, not only have I been left with a weightless feeling. I've also been left absolutely inspired. Despite the challenges, each author explains not only the challenge but the path toward success. It's not always easy or simple, but the journey matters as much as the result to get where you need to go. These are the stories that I am thrilled to have on my bookshelf and even more eager to share and encourage and empower someone else.

Joi Branch

These Stories Can Speak to Anyone - Impactful is so Accurate!

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